Guardians of MY Galaxy- Star-Lord dance-off!

Guardians of MY Galaxy- Star-Lord dance-off! Costume

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Every year I look forward to Halloween so I can let my creativity run wild with NO limits & am always so excited try new techniques and learn new things by experimenting. For the past 12 years we have always done a couple/ family theme where I make or piece together authentic costumes that are extremely detailed… our friends and family start asking months in advance what our theme will be and are always excited to see the end result! I always try to choose something that my kids will be excited about, but something unique.

Last Year my 6 year-old son became absolutely OBSESSED with Star-Lord so I knew I had to make him the costume… Then my husband decided to be Yondu and decided to go all-out and design/develop the glowing head fin, the glowing arrow, and even made fake teeth! (all things he had never done before) I focused on the costumes. Pretty much everything started from thrift store clothing, or stuff we already had & I disassembled, chopped, stitched, glued, painted, dyed, stenciled, and trimmed everything to make it as authentic as possible.

I made the Star-Lord costume for under $20! That’s less money than the shoulder groot alone! I started with a black girls biker jacket a size bigger than my son & chopped the length & arms, and used the fabric to make the shoulder & arm details. I added all the 3D designs with craft foam underneath & rope piping. I chopped up a pair of thrift store boots to make the boot covers & gun holsters. Even the guns & walkman are homemade from paper, craft foam, and poster foam board! The pants I started with ladies pants and made them much smaller. I dyed the shirt to get the right shade, and even made the lapel pin & belt buckle out of craft foam & paint 😉

For Yondu the cost was a little higher but still under $100 including all supplies used to make the special effects (fake teeth, fin, arrow), makeup, 2 real leather jackets (from thrift store) , leather belts, craft foam, leather paint. Everything from this was altered as well- I even dyed the jeans and added all the details- ( pintucking, stenciling, leather details, etc) for the 3D leather detailing I took a different approach than on the Star-Lord jacket- instead of under the leather I used craft foam with leather on top & added it to the top of the jacket hand wrapping the leather around the edges for a molded look- it was time consuming but I love the outcome 😉 Most of the trims I already had & leather for the 3D & on pants were from the sleeves I chopped off. I made the shoulder belt out of a pair of thrift store boots I chopped up… and the leather harness is made up of multiple belts. The leather shirt started out as a ladies batwing open front jacket ( you know the kind from the 80s with the shoulder pads & webbed armpit lol) I took in the armpit & added snaps to the front, removed the shoulder pads, and added the buckles- that were chopped from the Star-Lord Boots. This was definitely a learning process And a lot of late nights but I’m really happy with how everything turned out! Hope you like them!

For the finishing touch to set the mood- we had Star-lords “awesome mix” tape playing on a small portable Bluetooth speaker hidden underneath the Jacket! It was fun to see how excited people would get when they saw them! I think my favorite part was when my son busted out doing the Macarena! I didn’t even know he knew that! AND when he did a little dance-off for some strangers while trick or treating resulting in a king sized candy bar 😉 The Joy of seeing how happy you can make your child when they become something they love- and the joy it brings to others is why I do this every year- we can all use a little extra joy in our lives 😉


Guardians of MY Galaxy- Star-Lord dance-off!

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