Ghost Pirate

Ghost Pirate Costume

Posted by Carrie EverittPosted ago

I created this costume after my seven-year-old son requested a unique ghost pirate costume. I drew up the design with his input then started creating it. I found basic clothing pieces at Goodwill and altered them all to fit the ghost pirate theme. I am an artist, so I used paint application to create the ghostly look. I aged the jacket with three colors of spray paint and then sewed the lapel and added buttons and more paint. I cut the pants and used fabric to create cuffs for the jacket, then cut open the pants to review skeleton socks underneath. We already had skeleton shirt so I used scary cheese cloth to cover the shirt and added it on the jacket as well. The Hat was also found at Goodwill… I added paint to it to make it ghostly as well. We had a black wig for the pirate hair, I just aged it with some gray hair color. As an artist I wanted to paint my sons face but he had a problem with the face make up so I found a mask on Amazon, along with the weapons. My son absolutely loves his costume!


Submitted by: Carrie Everitt

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