Get Pupcorn and Pupsi at the Movies!

Get Pupcorn and Pupsi at the Movies! Costume

Posted by Bonnie and Beth AbelewPosted ago

Phoenix and Gryphon are dressed as a box of Pupcorn and a can of Pupsi. They are all ready to be your treats for the movies!

These costumes were totally home-made. The pupcorn costume was made by covering squares of foamboard with striped fabric and gluing them into a box with no bottom, so the dog’s paws would be free. The popcorn was made from spray foam insulation which was painted in yellows and browns and then glued onto a yellow shirt, a little hat, and around the rim of the box.

The Pupsi can was made by gluing a blue tarp onto a large posterboard tube. Atop the tube was a foamboard circle covered with tinfoil, which had a hole in it to fit over the dog’s head. The straw was made out of a wrapping paper roll, which was painted with a red stripe. The tab of the can was made from posterboard covered with tin foil, and glued onto a little hat the dog could wear.

Phoenix and Gryphon are golden retriever half-brothers. They love going on trips, shopping, going to see outdoor music, and dressing up for the holidays! They are friendly boys who love everyone they meet!

Get Pupcorn and Pupsi at the Movies!

Submitted by: Bonnie and Beth Abelew

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