Get in the saddle and let’s ride!

Get in the saddle and let’s ride!

Posted by Trisha IrvingPosted ago

This is a homemade costume of Ashe from Overwatch. I used black leather (fake of course) for the exterior of the jacket and grey satin for the inner lining. The same leather was used to make the hat which I made by using a straw hat from the thrift store as the base. The pants, ammo pouch, and belt were all made from the same leather material. All of the accessories, armor, and rifle were created using EVA form, modge podge, and acrylic/spray paint. The rifle was made by cutting out the base shape of the rifle and then layering 3 sheets the foam on top of one another and then craving the details in with a Dremel tool. It took me about 4 months to complete this costume.


Submitted by: Trisha Irving

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