Gamora and Star Lord

Gamora and Star Lord Costume

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Approximate cost was 450 for Gamora and 250 for Star Lord. Mention makeup used in light green, silver eyeliner, and black eyeliner by ultra and Sephora for Gamora’s scars and Fenty by Rihanna for green lipstick. Fingernail paint by OPI. Clip in extension made homemade w/ 9A grade hair and dyed personally. Hair paint wax used for bright red color at end of Gamora’s hair. Outfit purchased on Amazon for Gamora and Fanjackets and Amazon for Star Lord. Props purchased on Amazon and Etsy. Infinity orb made with styrofoam, glue gun, and paint. Shoes for Gamora purchased at DSW and timberland for Star Lord.

Gamora and Star Lord

Submitted by: DeVonna McCauley

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