Fun-size Thatcher

Fun-size Thatcher Costume

Posted by Amanda (my son is pictured, Aiden)Posted ago

Fun-size Thatcher! Thatcher is a character from the video game Rainbow Six: Siege. This costume is100% original. Simple black cargo pants with a black Pro Club long sleeve shirt. Black cotton gloves. Now to the interesting accessories; solid black tactical vest, two 9mm handguns (plastic) one is concealed on the side leg holster and the other is concealed on the tactical vest. A flash bang attached on the waist area. Shotgun in hand (plastic) and an authentic gas mask collected from an Army Surplus store. That is originally an olive green, I had to spray paint it black. The shoes are an old pair of black rain boots.

Location: Abandoned powerhouse, Norco California

Fun-size Thatcher

Submitted by: Amanda (my son is pictured, Aiden)

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