Fortnite Tomato Head

Fortnite Tomato Head Costume

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My ten-year-old son loves Fortnite, so I made him tomato head. For the head I used a balloon, I mixed water and flour to make glue, then I used strips of newspaper and layered them over the balloon with the glue. I let it completely dry for 2 days. I popped the balloon and made a hole big enough for his head to fit in. I painted it red. I used color felt material for the eyes, mouth, mustache and the leaves. I got glued them into the head. I cut out circles on the eyes for him to see. I used a red t-shirt, cut off the sleeves and hot glued white ribbon down the shirt for stripes, I used felt material to make the pizza on the front of the shirt and purple felt to make a collar and hot glued them on. He used a green long sleeve shirt underneath and green pants with a belt. For his shin guards, I cut out 2 rectangle shape out of cardboard and bent them in 3. I painted them red and glued black ribbon on the shin guards and left enough ribbon for him to tie them from the back. He used purple fingerless gloves. For his backpack I used a milk box and painted it red with a brown rim. I hot glued white ribbon for the backpack straps.

Fortnite Tomato Head

Submitted by: Marisela Casolco

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