Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips Costume

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The fisherman with the fresh catch of the day: fish and chips! Using primarily Amazon boxes and felt, I made a fish costume for my dog Lotus and a Chips (French fries) costume for my dog Bodhi. To complete the ensemble, I went as The Fisherman.

The idea for fish and chips occurred to me over the summer when I was thinking about how my dogs are a very bonded pair, like two peas in a pod. But then I started thinking of what other, funny pair they could be, which led to fish and chips. I had never seen fish and chips costumes before and liked that the theme was funny and unique, so I decided to make the dogs fish and chips for Howl-o-ween!

Their costumes were very popular in our neighborhood, especially the fish’s giant googly eyes! I was worried Lotus might try to eat Bodhi’s costume, because she LOVES French fries, but she did not try to eat it (she is a smart dog). The only costs for the dogs’ costumes came from the felt and googly eyes. Everything else (Amazon boxes, packing material, metal rings, glue, belts, etc) was found around the house. The fisherman costume was purchased on Amazon.

Fish and Chips

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