Fear the Fire Breathing Fairy

Fear the Fire Breathing Fairy

Posted by Jackie RodgersPosted ago

Life is full of paradoxes, I wanted to express that in my costume this year by crafting a fairy and dragon combination. I first got the dragon idea one day as I was cutting up a pineapple. I noticed the unique texture of the skin and started to brainstorm how to use it in my next SFX creation. So, for my dragon scales, I used pineapple skin. I used sculptamold to form the horns and liquid latex with cotton to hold it all together. To make it look like my dragon face had recently been ripped off and expose the fairy face underneath, I used coffee grounds, fake blood, and black paint. I did it in my bathroom and kitchen in my apartment.

The approximate cost was $13. I’ve recently gotten into special effects makeup and try to find creative ways to do it inexpensively.


Submitted by: Jackie Rodgers

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