Evil Puppet with Marionette

Evil Puppet with Marionette Costume

Posted by Lonnie SprangerPosted ago

This costume idea was a brainstorm by my wife. We try and do a special and original homemade costume for our son every year. He uses a wheelchair, so we always incorporate his costume around his chair. This costume took about 3 weeks to complete. The puppet head was handmade with molding clay and Papier-Mache. We then hand painted the details. The body and arms were constructed from 1″ PVC pipe and covered with a duct tape torso that was molded from my body. The torso was filled with paper and then we finished it off with thrift store clothing. Our sons’ clothes were also bought from a thrift store. We painted his face like a marionette and added a bow tie and some striped socks for a more vintage touch. In total, I would estimate the materials to be $50 or less.

Evil Puppet with Marionette

Submitted by: Lonnie Spranger

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