Edward Scissorpaws

Edward Scissorpaws Costume

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Edward Scissorpaws spent most of her life alone and isolated in her frightful mansion, afraid to show the world her secret – where most dogs have regular old paws, Edward has scissors! But, through the kindness of new friends and the discovery of an amazing talent for sculpting incredible dog-shaped topiaries, Edward learned that her Scissorpaws make her unique, and what makes her unique is what makes her extraordinary!

Edward Scissorpaws’ real name is Olive. She’s a 7-year-old Golden Retriever that absolutely adores getting dressed up! Earlier this year, Olive had a chance encounter with an awful bird that resulted in the loss of one of her eyes. Losing half of her vision made an enormous impact on her overall confidence. She became fearful and confused and didn’t seem to enjoy the outdoors like she had before the incident. Eventually she learned to adapt and returned to her old self again and actually learned to use her other senses more effectively. Her struggle and newfound confidence inspired me to dress her after one of my favorite movie characters, Edward Scissorhands, who went through a similar process of learning to adapt to his differences and realizing they were what made him special. I made her costume using materials (leather, buckles, belts, and straps) from a local craft store and chopped and teased a black wig to create Edward Scissorpaws famous crazy head of hair. The scissorpaws were made using silver and gray lightweight foam and a lot of Elmer’s glue! They attach to her legs with velcro. In total, the costume took about 10-12 hours to make and cost about $100.

Edward Scissorpaws

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