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Edward Scissorhands and His Topiary Creation

Edward Scissorhands and His Topiary Creation

Posted by Angela FiorettiPosted ago

My husband and I went as Edward Scissorhands and one of the topiary creations he makes in the movie! Everything was hand-made – I used foam core for the blades of the scissors and coated them in resin, then painted everything and used a lot of source materials to create the other elements of the hands (scissors, screws, bolts, etc.). My costume was a black body suit that I made about 15 belts for in varying sizes and added studs and other accessories – including a home-made moon belt buckle out of model magic. The topiary costume was a challenge – I ended up purchasing a bunch of panels that are typically used as backdrops and hand-stitched and glued it onto his clothing to create the effect!

Edward Scissorhands and His Topiary Creation

Submitted by: Angela Fioretti

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