Earth Dragon

Earth Dragon Costume

This was for my 7-year-old son. He’s always something nature-related and this year he wanted to be an earth dragon. The approximate cost of the costume was 25$ for the vinyl used for the skin. The head was mostly paper mache and cardboard built on an army hat from the dollar store. The vinyl was cut and painted to fit the head as well as the body, which was hot glued to an old pair of pants and zip-up Hoodie. The tail and wings were attached to the jacket ( which probably weighed 15 lbs…poor kid) the tail under the vinyl is just newspaper and tons of scotch tape. The wings were made with coat hangers wrapped and twisted with newspaper, covered in scotch tape and then painted…with just a mesh material. Thus is all hot glue, no sewing. After Halloween, we will add realistic dragon eyes to then keep its head out as decoration.


Submitted by: jamie Hall

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