Dr. Doom Circa Secret Wars 1985

Dr. Doom Circa Secret Wars 1985 Costume

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Dr. Doom is one of the preeminent villains of the Marvel Universe. This version of him is from a 1985 comic book cover which stayed in my head since I was eleven years old as it was the first time I felt worried for the “bad guy” yet impressed by his determination. I finally tried my hand at making it and was exceedingly pleased with the results.

All materials are handmade, no outsourcing, no 3-d printing, no purchases of pre-made materials. The mask is Paper mache, the armor pieces foam and then the “battle damage” is parts of broken wireless phone headsets hot glued to the foam, along with assorted LEGO pieces, wires, and random household items to provide texture and dimension.

The build took about 4 months costing roughly $150.

Dr. Doom Circa Secret Wars 1985

Submitted by: Marc Kandel

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