Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom Costume

Posted by Mike StachowiakPosted ago

Straight from the pages of Marvel Comics comes Doctor Doom, the greatest villain to ever challenge the Fantastic Four. Using Superscience and sorcery Doom has only one goal, world domination and the destruction of his enemies!

Using EVA foam mats, a Heat Gun, Contact cement, Plasti-dip spray, silver spray paint, black acrylic paint, forest green cotton fabric, and vinyl for the belt and holster, I designed this suit of armor that is both functional and extremely Comic Book authentic in appearance right down to Doom’s holstered Broom handled mouser pistol. Painstaking effort went into both the design and creation of every part of Doom’s armor and apparel, from the evil yet majestic face of his helmet to the authentic appearance of mid-evil armored arms, legs, feet, and mighty gauntlets.

Doctor Doom is a powerful force to behold! Only item not created is the toy pistol.

Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom

Submitted by: Mike Stachowiak

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