2018 Pets Winner Second Place
Dinner Is Served

Dinner Is Served

Posted by Ingrid RosenquistPosted ago

This costume was inspired by the resurgence of evil clowns thanks to the remake of the movie “It”. While the latex mask and clown outfit are store bought, this costume that my dog Frost is wearing was modified significantly by me. I originally bought a small child’s evil clown costume and hemmed the legs and arms to make them shorter. Next, I glued the latex mask to a mannequin head that had glowing LED eyes. I used heavy wire and attached skeletal hands to the wire and attached it to the head. The head is supported upright with two dowels. One straight down from the head and one angled off the first dowel which were then connected to a foam block and Gorilla Glued in place. That was then attached to Frost’s back with four velcro straps. I then split the seam on the front of the clown costume for her head to fit through. Velcro was attached to the front and rear to close the costume up after her head and legs were in the costume. Once Frost was in the costume, poly fill stuffing was added to give body to the “clown”. Lastly, I took a cardboard cake platter, cut a hole through it and put it over Frost’s neck and placed the platter in the skeletal hands. Needless to say, Frost got steak for dinner 🙂

DInner is Served

Submitted by: Ingrid Rosenquist

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