Day of the Dead Daisy

Day of the Dead Daisy

Posted by Bethany BowkerPosted ago

This costume was thrown together at the last minute for a Day of the Dead costume party. I used my husband’s Slash wig and sheer curtains leftover from my daughter’s bedroom. I made the bone fingers out of wire and white duct tape and wore skeleton gloves from Spirit. For the flowers, I took a black plastic headband and put the flowers on with safety pins you can’t see it but there’s a homemade bumblebee in there along with the flowers. I took a Dollar tree skeleton and matched the face painting from me onto the skeleton face. I cut open the back of its head and put fairy lights inside to light it up and hung it around my neck with a yellow doily at the neck. The face paint was done with acrylic paint, black eye shadow and white oil face paint bought from Spirit. I used white, black, yellow, and red, acrylic paint. All together this cost roughly 25.00 to put together but I had everything already so it cost me nothing just using things around the house.


Submitted by: Bethany Bowker

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