Daddy’s Favorite Ramen

Daddy’s Favorite Ramen

One of daddy’s favorite food and snacks growing up is cup noodles (ramen). Ever since I was born, he only craves for me now. So he decided to merge the two of us together and here I present to you my best Halloween costume yet. I would say my dad is a pretty creative guy, and he doesn’t want to overspend for a costume that I will only wear for one year. The materials used to make this cute costume are Foldable laundry basket (as the shell), white Bristol board, yarn, glue gun, yellow tape, and a pack of accessories from the dollar store (as the peas and corns). The total spent on the costume was less than $25. Daddy spent 2 late nights to finish this for me, and I’m very proud of it. Cup noodles anyone?


Submitted by: Eddie Law

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