Cultist Follower

Cultist Follower Costume

Posted by Heather QuaidPosted ago

My costume is inspired from Fallout 76. My costume is made from a king-size sheet and some fabric I had. I used the leftover piece and made strips which I dyed in coffee and tea to give them an aged look. I sewed them on the outfit. The headpiece is made from a pink skull and knight helmet I took apart then I made the jaw piece out of craft foam. After it was glued together and painted I add strips of the dyed fabric. I added deer antler and wood I carved then add a string to hold it all together and then the black fabric to finish the look. The front and back are made from placemats cut into shapes then sewed on. I also made the belt and pouches and the arm piece are made from sticks from the front yard glued on to the leftover fabric.


Submitted by: Heather Quaid

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