Channeling a young Pennywise

Channeling a young Pennywise Costume

Posted by Marissa SiejaPosted ago

Each year, my kids and I have been getting more and more spooky with our costumes, and I have been getting better and better with the application of makeup!
We have never watched “It” because we are scaredy cats, but we still like to scare other people. We have seen the previews though. My youngest, Austin, was able to channel his inner Pennywise.
I bought a cheap clown costume at Good Will. It seemed like it would do the trick even though it’s not what the new Pennywise wore. Then I went to town on the makeup. I used mostly just Halloween make up from the party store along with some black and gray eye shadow and hair coloring spray from the dollar store.
We ventured into the woods near our house and got some great photos, even managed to scare some joggers while we were out there!


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