Captured by the Demon

Captured by the Demon Costume

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My 13 year old wanted to have something special for 2018 Halloween costume – something creepy and artistic at the same time. When he started toying with few ideas, I added low-cost and homemade as additional adjectives to this project. As we usually keep making such interesting projects at home, my son had no hesitation to allow additional Dad-imposed-constraints! And, that’s how we decided to join forces to come up with something fantastic and memorable for this year’s Halloween!

For the design part, we decided to put our faith in an illusion effect to create something eye-catching. And that’s when “Captured-by-the-demon” was conceptualized as my son’s 2018 creepy-artistic-low cost- homemade Halloween costume!

We began (almost a month in advance) by collecting the required raw material for this project. The demon needed a full body – mainly divided into 2 parts: Upper body and Lower body.

As a basic support system for the demon’s upper body, my son found his last year’s school bag/backpack. We added a used Amazon-shipping box to build a torso, and an empty milk jug to make for a steady head for the demon. What we needed to build next were the demon’s arms. Cloth pieces from worn-out dresses were used to make empty arm sleeves that were then filled with plastic bags to make a light-weight pair of arms. Stitching Dad’s winter gloves – again, stuffed with plastic bags – at the end of these arms were just perfect match to wrap up the basic preparation for demon’s upper body. Now begins the assembly process – sticking the pair of arms to the cardboard box, packing the cardboard box in the backpack, mounting the milk jug on top of the cardboard box, and finally, using Dad’s oversized shirt and a mask (the only store bought prop) to cover it all up!

Making demon’s lower body was comparatively easier task – probably because of the practice from building the earlier portion, I guess. Basically, a pair of fake legs was created the same way we created fake arms for the upper body. Clothes from worn-out dresses were used to create empty leg-sleeves that were filled with plastic bags to fluff-up the legs. Then, the pair of socks were loosely stitched at the end – in a dangling position. Finally, a pair of pajama was just perfect to cover it all up!

Having prepared the costume – my son decided to dress it all up! Ergonomically designed upper and lower body parts of the demon were really easy to put on. The order of the things was – (i) tie pajama-clad fake legs on the waist with help of a belt ; (ii) put on the night-dress shirt (to complement the fake pajama-clad leg) ; (iii) put on the backpack with the upper body of demon mounted on it.

We could not believe the creepy effect it generated for the viewers when we saw my son walking around with terrified expressions on his face!! It really looked like a demon is clutching my son and walking away with him.

It took a couple of minutes – and repeated observations – for EVERY onlooker to understand and realize that it’s just one person – and not two different people – wearing a costume with dramatic illusion effect.
Every single minute that went in to build this costume (few hours every day over a period of almost one month) was worth it, as I could pass on the magic and conviction of hand-crafted, homemade art to my son.

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Captured by the Demon

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