Captain Blackbeard Discovers Mermaid

Captain Blackbeard Discovers Mermaid Costume

Ahoy mateys!! Look at this magical discovery that pirate Blackbeard stumble upon on his last voyage! This beautiful mythical creature (also known as my 4-year-old daughter, Sophie) was 100% handmade and created out of her want to become a mermaid. I thought the idea of just a mermaid was too plain and simple, so I decided to complicate things, (because that’s what I’m good at ?), and create a pirate to hold the treasure chest she’d “sit” on. Since this was my first time making a costume like this, it did take a lot of time trying to figure out the “how to’s”, but it was definitely well worth it! And with all the thrift and dollar store finds, it was fairly cheap to make, I’d say under $50.

I took her to the mall for trick-or-treating and she was stopped every 5 steps for pictures! The reactions were awesome! Some people couldn’t figure out how it was done. They thought the pirate was an actual person carrying her! One store was giving out hot cocoa and was trying to give me 3….I laughed and said, “There’s just two of us!”


Submitted by: Scott Burt

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