Boss of All Things

Boss of All Things Costume

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I was inspired by a large Dr. Seuss patch I saw that said Boss of all Things. From there I knew I needed to create a costume around that. My co-workers joke that whatever I say goes since I’m the boss of everything. It was too perfect. I already had the wig so I found a red turtleneck and a red skirt from a 2nd hand store and bought the tights. I already had the shoes and I found the little briefcase at a 2nd hand store. I create the “Very Important Things” patch out of paper to put on the briefcase. I found the little characters at a toy store. I found the goldfish in a bowl image online and printed it off, attached to cardboard and attached wire and then attached that to a headband that was hidden in my wig. It turned out excellent and I won 1st place at work for it. This whole costume probably cost me around $50 total. I actually got invited to come to an elementary school on Dr. Seuss Day wearing it!

Boss upper body-3.jpg
Boss of all things full body-2.jpg
Boss briefcase-1.jpg
Boss of All Things

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