Boo-tiful Corpse Bride

Boo-tiful Corpse Bride Costume

My costume began as a simple black sheer satin dress. I attached a tye-dyed black, grey and white lace overlay that was cut in strips around the waist. A knit material in the same colors covered over the bustier and for the elastic sleeves with dramatic garnishes of grey material hanging from the sleeves and as headband covered in white rosettes. I also wore a long luxurious grey wig. I applied 2 coats of white body paint to all remaining exposed skin on my arms, chest, neck, and face. Then, I used black eyeliner and eyeshadow to create the details on my face, and cracks in my chest, arms, and hands. I added a little red lipstick to my lips blended with black for a subdued lip look. Finally, I added a cat tattoo to my chest, a dollar store chocker and wristlet, and an alligator bone necklace to finish the look. Monotone black, grey, and white were the theme as I transferred into a boo-tiful corpse bride. The total cost was about $40, including makeup.


Submitted by: LINDA M LEE

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