Bob Ross & His Happy Little Painting

Bob Ross & His Happy Little Painting Costume

This year for Halloween I decided to be Bob Ross because one of my hobbies is painting and I also happen to be a fan of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross. I started looking up ideas on how to execute it. During my search I found a matching costume idea. To replicate his show someone would be Bob Ross & another person would be one of his paintings he did on the show. I asked my friend Jared to be the painting & he instantly agreed! For my portion of the costume (Bob Ross) I got a pair of jeans, a dress shirt, a wig from Spirit Halloween, bought a palette & used one of my paintbrushes I already had. For Jared’s part of the costume (the painting) we bought a white morphsuit or body suit to act as our blank canvas & an assortment of paint. On the day of halloween Jared put on the body suit & I painted him for 5 hours straight. I used a Bob Ross painting as my reference to paint on his body. In total we spent $108.98, that money went towards the wig, the morph suit, paint & fabric medium to make the acrylic paint applicable to the morph suit & approximately 5 hours on making the costume.

Bob Ross & His Happy Little Painting

Submitted by: Jade Boden

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