Blue Raspberry Slurpee

Blue Raspberry Slurpee Costume

Posted by Shannin CarrPosted ago

My son wanted to be a Blue Raspberry Slurpee. I got a Slurpee cup from 7-11 that I used for reference. I copied it on my printer and enlarged the design by 400% using legal paper. I cut out the shapes of the “Slurpee” logo and the swirls and they became my patterns. I placed the patterns on craft foam and cut them out with an Exacto knife. I glued all of the pieces onto a large size of yellow foam and then glued it to a small laundry basket. The clear lid is a bowl used for catering. The Blue Raspberry flavor is blue micro-fleece fabric. The hair is a Trolls wig and the straw is a paper towel roll covered in foam. I even made him his own trick or treat bag to look like the 7-11 logo.


Submitted by: Shannin Carr

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