Beekeeper and His Bumble Bee

Beekeeper and His Bumble Bee Costume

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I met my boyfriend this year on the online dating app, “Bumble” (their logo is a beehive). We considered several options for couples costumes, but we thought that a “beekeeper and his bumblebee” was a perfect choice! I made the sign so people would understand the context of our costume while we were out. It’s made of black cardboard, letters, fake flowers and “bee” stickers. His costume is not really a costume, it’s an actual beekeeper suit! I purchased my dress which came with the chocker, wings, gloves and headpiece. Separately I added in the white wig and these amazing black and yellow eyelashes that extend out at both ends! In total, my costume cost around $100 and his about $80.

Beekeeper and His Bumble Bee

Submitted by: Alycen Malone

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