Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle Costume

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In this photo is my daughter Skylar. One day I told her she could be anything in the whole world and Mommy would make it work, and she chose to be a bald eagle. I worked really hard on this costume struggling at first. I made this costume all by hand, but the wings I had ordered from I then purchased my brown feathers, white feathers, masquerade mask, a sweatshirt and sweatpants outfit, hot glue, felt pieces for the beak, and began to create a masterpiece. I hot glued my white feathers to the mask and outlined the eyes with black Sharpie. I then cut out a felt beak and hot glued it on the nose. I laid out my sweat outfit and hot glued on my brown feathers. This costume was simple and stunning my daughter turned many heads and she had an amazing Halloween !

Bald Eagle

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