Baby Xenomorph Alien

Baby Xenomorph Alien Costume

Posted by Bella EvansPosted ago

They are cute when they’re little, but get bitey when they’re older! Bella is 3 years old and sometimes gets scared of her own costume. Then, when she puts it on, she transforms into a night crawling, ferocious, hissing bug!

  • Alien head: Made from pink insulation foam carved out.
  • Body: Made from Dollar store foam boogie boards and foam backer rod (ribs). Pool noodles were used for the tail and back pipes.
  • Hands/feet: Made with chopped up monster hands and latexed on to gloves and boots.
  • Body details: Made with corduroy and craft foam

This one just hatched! Hisssssssss!!!


Submitted by: Bella Evans

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