Baby Pearl in a Clam Shell

Baby Pearl in a Clam Shell

Posted by Jessica LongPosted ago

A mom had a dream . . . could she get her whole family costumed for under $60, and could they all agree on a theme? Well, that dream came true and our family had fun with their Ocean themed do-it-yourself costumes. Our youngest son was going to be in a stroller so we decided to incorporate it into our costume—hence the baby pearl in a clamshell! Here’s how we did it;

Clam Shell and pearl—cut out 2 ribbed rectangular pieces of cardboard and painted them in mottled colors and attached them to the stroller with wire. For the pearl, I bought a white satin pillowcase at the dollar store ($2) and cut out a circle, sewed and stuffed it. With the leftover satin, I sewed a little cap for my son. I got an old pink fleece blanket at a thrift store for $1 and cut out a sort of semi-circle to be the soft part of the clam.


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