Baby Darth Maul

Baby Darth Maul Costume

Posted by Norman Ralph GoodmanPosted ago

Me and my son Elija are star wars fans even though he is only 3, so this year we decided to make him up like Darth Maul, the only thing is they dont make toddler Darth Maul costumes only a Yoda, so I decided to make it myself, 1st I bought 2 lightsabers and some crazy glue and ducktape to make the double sided saber then I bought him a black pair of pants, a black long sleeve shirt and a dark grey v neck which I had to order offline, a back pair of boots and then I had to order the Yoda costume just for the robe to take out the hands, feet, and head of Yoda, then I bought 3 bottles of brush on black dye, but that didnt get it quite dark enough so I a bottle of concentrated black dye then I bought a couple of paint brushes black and red paint, and a Darth Vader helmet for his trick or treat bucket, all in all, it was around $85 and it took a while to get it all done but it was all worth it as always.

Baby Darth Maul

Submitted by: Norman Ralph Goodman

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