Armored Batman

Armored Batman Costume

This is my entry for the 2019 costume contest. My costume is armored Batman from the Batman versus Superman movie. The entire costume consists of mainly yoga mats for the base material and a 6in plastic figurine I got from the store along with a couple front rear and side shots from online that I printed out on the computer. The mats were cut by hand and glued using heat and a carving knife to shape. All the pieces were laid out by hand over my body to get the perfect shape. After I was happy with the shape I roughed up the edges and gave it a more weathered look with the Dremel tool. Then came the hardener stage I mixed a 50/50 PVA glue water mixture and supplied several coats to give it a harder shell. Then got three different tones of metallic silver and gave it a weathered armor look. For the eyes I used Tupperware plastic an added sets of LEDs behind the eyes that were battery-powered with a small little switch in the helmet. The cape was made from a black window drape and glued and cut to shape. I added Square foam and some screws with hooks to attach directly to the chest plate. To top it all off the shoulder strap was attached to a Bluetooth speaker that played The Batman versus Superman music soundtrack directly from my cell phone. All the materials for this build cost $73 and over 100 hours in design and Fabrication. I think it came out pretty good I hope you guys enjoy. Happy Halloween!

Armored Batman

Submitted by: Joe Cavotta

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