Annihilus the Living Death That Walks

Annihilus the Living Death That Walks

Posted by Marc KandelPosted ago

Annihilus is a Marvel Comics character, an insect creature from another dimension.

The costume is entirely home and hand made. The mask, torso, arms and legs are fashioned out of craft foam and then detailed with items for texture like chocolate trays (the bumps underneath the honeycomb pattern on the chest), LEGOS, and shelf-paper. The wings are $3.00 plastic kites from TRU.

I’ve always loved his Jack Kirby design, the brilliant colors, the mishmash of creature parts (an insect with batwings and human hands?) It’s a great concept and I’m proud I was able to get it all together, to the point where I even changed the shape of my legs by building my thighs outward and bringing my calves back with foam.

Annihilus the Living Death That Walks

Submitted by: Marc Kandel

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