Ancient Master Vampire

Ancient Master Vampire Costume

Posted by Mike ComerfordPosted ago

This costume I’m wearing shows the power of mixing and matching of the old and new! As well as the power of make up, Jewellery and second hand goods. Off the rack isn’t always enough.

I already had the robe/cloak and waist coat which was a magicians outfit that I bought second hand online, under that I used a Caribbean pirate’s shirt with plane black trousers to age the outfit by several hundred years. The robes also gave it Aristocratic value.

When it came to the finishing touches I first put a pair of white out contact lenses in (which should only be used by adults with experience!) and then applied foundation two times lighter then my own skin tone. Added to the foundation was blues and reds below the eyes and on the lips to look tired and menacing and dead as well as some dark make up on the eyelids and to contour the face.

I applied long black fake nails onto the tips of my fingers and then purchased men’s long finger rings online to give that extra look of power and fear. This was of course finished off with fitted vampire teeth.

Who said mixting and matching doesn’t work??

Ancient Master Vampire

Submitted by: Mike Comerford

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