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I’m an 18-year-old student of Visual Arts and Design, and I’ve always been interested in mechanics, robotics, and aeronautics. Two years ago as I was taking apart a used electric scooter to build a different vehicle, I noticed some of the body parts looked like robot arms and legs, so I put them away. Later I saw a video of Adam Savage with a 9-foot tall robot, and I thought this was the kind of thing I could build.

So this year I started by building an articulated skeleton made of ABS pipes, and then to dress it up with plastic body parts. Then I added a few more used parts from car bumpers, plastic containers and built a large body with broad shoulders and long arms. My legs seemed too short for that body, so I made 12 inch high shoes using old ski boots. The head was made with the best scooter parts and flashlights for the eyes. I can move the robot’s head since it’s linked to a hockey helmet I’m wearing, my head is hidden in the robot’s torso.

Once finished it stands 9 ft 10 inches high and weighs 110 pounds, but it fits comfortably on my shoulders, so I can move freely, walk, dance, shake my head or nod. My father helped me with the painting and some of the assembly, but he insisted I design it myself, and all the work was based on my drawings. I used pictures of bodybuilders to make it look organic as well as robotic. One of our neighbors is a little boy who loves robots, so on the night of Halloween, he was a young Scientist ready to conquer the world, carrying a remote control as I followed him around. Kids loved it, although a few were too scared to come close, most of them wanted hugs and pictures, and the adults were mostly speechless. Since my school is also oriented towards film, I offered my robot as a character for student short films. I’m sure it can be useful for the next few years.

Alex 4.5

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