2019 Judges

2019 Contest Judges

We’ve assembled an expert panel judges to help determine each of the category winners for the 2019 Halloween Costume Contest. Each judge was selected for their special love for Halloween as displayed by their vibrant online communities.

Take a look at this year’s incredible lineup of judges who are looking forward to seeing all of your costume contest entries.

Kaci (The Homicidal Homemaker)

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Homicidal Homemaker

Kaci Hansen is more commonly known as The Homicidal Homemaker. The “Martha Stewart of the Macabre” started her website to inspire others to bring a spooky element to everyday life through horror recipes, cocktails, crafts, and tutorials. The Central California-based blogger creates horror-themed recipes in every issue of Rue Morgue Magazine. Her horror cooking show is available on Screambox, YouTube, and AT&T Uverse/Comcast in Central CA.

Miranda (Spooky Little Halloween)

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Spooky Little Halloween

Meet Miranda Enzor, the writer, blogger and Halloween lover behind Spooky Little Halloween. October 31st has been one of her favorite holidays to celebrate for as long as she can remember. These days she keeps her love of Halloween alive by hosting her annual party, Halloweenie Roast, and – of course – writing Spooky Little Halloween all year long!

🎃 Your best Halloween costume: My first one ever – a Care Bear
🍭 Favorite Trick-or-Treat candy: SweetTarts
❓ Vampire or werewolf? Werewolf

Mike | All Hallows Geek

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Mike | All Hallows Geek

Mike Wilton is The All Hallows Geek, a Southern California-based blogger that is dedicated to that section of the Venn diagram where geeky and creepy intersect. He shares the latest from the darker side of pop culture ranging from toys and games to Halloween events and horror movies on the All Hallows Geek website with the goal of putting a little “Eek” in your geek all year long.

🎃 Your best Halloween costume: Teen Wolf
🍭 Favorite Trick-or-Treat candy: Snickers
❓ Vampire or werewolf? Vampire

Samberline (The Haunted Housewife)

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The Haunted Housewife

Samberlina Rodriguez is the Texas blogger behind The Haunted Housewife who also enjoys makeup, glitter, rainbow hair, gargoyles, the paranormal, and everything spooky. She created The Haunted Housewife back in 2013 to immerse herself in things that she absolutely loves. Follow her online diary of adventures that contain a scrapbook of her spooky experiences.