2018 Contest Winners

2018 Contest Winners

Congrats to all of the winners representing the nine unique categories that made up the 2018 Halloween Costume Contest presented by Costume Wall. We were absolutely amazed at the quality and quantity of the entries that were submitted for a chance to win an award in the annual Halloween Costume Contest. In total, nearly 4 times the number of costume entries were received this year as last year! From the Sanderson Sisters trio starring in Hocus Pocus to little Edward Scissorhands, the nearly 2000 costume submissions make up quite an impressive DIY collection of Halloween costumes. The difficult challenge was selecting winners from such an incredible field of entries, but this year we recruited a panel of Halloween experts to give us a hand judging all the entries.

Halloween Costume Contest Prizes

The first, second, and third place winning costumes were awarded for each of the following categories—Best Overall Costume, Best Adult Costume, Best Kid or Baby Costume, Best Couple Costume, Best Group Costume, Best Pet Costume, Most Original Costume, Scariest Costume, and Best Makeup or Special Effects. Browse through the winning costumes from each of the contest categories below!

Best Overall Costume Category

The best of the best costumes that are the overall winners of Costume Wall’s 2018 Halloween Costume Contest. Each costume that was selected displayed an incredible level of detail and creativity while also submitting the entry with excellent pictures and a thorough description.

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1st place: ($300)
Pokemon DJ Pikachu Costume

2nd place: $200
The Fisherman Costume

3rd place: $100
LEGO Spider-Man Costume

Best Adult Costume Category

These costumes were selected as winners from the hundreds of costume submissions by adult men and women 18-years-old or older. The following entries stood out from all of the amazing entries we received during the 2018 Halloween Costume Contest.

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1st place: $100
Orc Warrior Costume

2nd place: $50
Night King Costume

3rd place: $25
Groot Costume

Best Kid or Baby Costume Category

The winners of this Halloween contest category featured costume submissions from babies, children, and teenagers—ages up to 17-years-old. Each of the entries chosen was a one-of-a-kind DIY costume that stood out at the best among the hundreds of Kid/Baby entries.

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1st place: $100
Edward Scissorhands Costume

2nd place: $50
Pennywise Costume

3rd place: $25
Costco Sample Lady Costume

Best Couple Costume Category

These tag-team entries put together winning Halloween costume combinations. This year’s costume submissions had significant others, siblings, friends, and even co-workers coming together to compliment each other with incredibly creative couples costumes.

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1st place: $100
Edward Scissorhands and His Topiary Creation

2nd place: $50
“Couple” of Green Army Toy Soldiers

3rd place: $25
Little Red and the Wolf

Best Group Costume Category (3+ people)

Coordinating and creating a themed group costume is no easy feat. But, these individual entries combined forces to take their costumes a completely different level. These winning parties pooled their individual costumes showing that three or more people can create some serious Halloween fun.

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1st place: $100
Sanderson Sisters Costumes

2nd place: $50
Pacific Rim Uprising Costumes

3rd place: $25
Yaba Daba Doo Costumes

Best Makeup / Special FX Costume Category

An entirely new category for the 2018 Halloween Costume Contest, the Best Makeup / Special FX category was created after some seriously impressive costume entries were submitted last year were in a category all of their own. This year’s winners displayed an incredible level of detail with the DIY effects.

[hotspotter id=15]

1st place: $100
Boils on Boils Costume

2nd place: $50
White Walker Costume

3rd place: $25
Stone Queen Costume

Best Pet Costume Category

Not to be left out, the following 4-legged friends suited up in absolutely adorable Halloween costumes. The winners ensured both the costume and staging of their pet was just right to be the best among the hundreds of submissions. These winners are proof that pets can have just as much Halloween fun as humans.

[hotspotter id=17]

1st place: $100
It’s Just a Little Hocus Pocus

2nd place: $50
Dinner Is Served

3rd place: $25
Chucky Costume

Most Original Costume Category

These Halloween costume entries are set apart by a unique approach to the character and/or the construction of the costume. These category winners exhibited an extra dose of creativity to put them quite literally in a category of their own for this year’s Halloween Costume Contest.

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1st place: $100
Megalodon Shark Costume

2nd place: $50
Historically Inspired Dark Snow White Costume

3rd place: $25
7-foot Werewolf on Stilts Costume

Scariest Costume Category

This Halloween costume contest category needs no introduction and is without a doubt the most horrifying category of them all. These killer costumes were the most terrifying entries of the hundreds of costumes submitted this year and as winners have been declared the scariest of all.

[hotspotter id=18]

1st place: $100
Evil Fastfood Costumes

2nd place: $50
Newlydeads Costumes

3rd place: $25
Pinhead and The Chatterer Costumes

2019 Halloween Costume Contest

A BIG thank you to each and everyone who participated in the 2018 Halloween Costume Content by submitting their own unique costume. Remember to join us again at Costume Wall to participate in an even bigger and better Halloween Costume Contest that we have planned for 2019! It’s never too early to start planning your costume entry right now. Stay tuned for more details!

Though our judges selected only twenty-seven overall winners from the hundreds of incredible Halloween costume submissions for this year’s contest, we would encourage you to check out all of the amazing costumes entries from Costume Wall’s 2018 Halloween Costume Contest.