2024 Easy Last-Minute Costumes for Men

Quick! If you forgot about that invite to tag along with some friends to a Halloween costume party, we have good news! Check out this entire list of easy, last minute costumes for men that include some of the most popular characters! You don’t have to look very far for a costume this year, especially one that is easy to assemble. Don’t think that the best costumes require a lot of effort. Each DIY costume guide will show you how to assemble the look with only a handful of items that you may already have in your own closet.

Bare it all as a Baywatch lifeguard or grab your buddy to dress as the classic comedy couple, from MTV’s Beavis and Butt-Head. There are tons of easy costumes to put together in less than a jiffy that won’t look like a lame look you quickly threw together! Take a look through the entire list to find a quick cosplay idea!


Alfalfa Costume

Get your romantic hat (or should we say hair) out for this one! Alfalfa, the main character from The Little Rascals, is known for his love letters and heart aching for Darla! That means you need to bring Darla along with you for this cosplay idea because he Alfalfa wouldn’t dream of a life without her. It’s time to perfect your singing skills of “You Are So Beautiful” just for your one and only, Darla!

You need to have one long strand of hair standing straight up on your head to pull off Alfalfa’s signature look! Throw on a striped button down shirt and some light colored khakis with a bow tie, suspenders, and dress shoes. He goes all out for love!

Alfalfa Costume
Alfalfa Costume Guide
Apple Genius

Apple Genius Costume

You’re hip. You wear glasses. You know everything there is to know about Apple Products. That can only mean one thing: You’re an Apple Genius! This label is a pretty hefty one to carry, so be proud of your knowledge and ability to talk everyone and anyone into buying this popular brand.

Even if you don’t really known everything about Apple products, you can fool everyone around you into thinking so because you have the Genius style! Of course you need an Apple brand t-shirt worn over a long sleeve thermal, a pair of dark jeans, and a pair of black and white Converse sneakers. The most important details are an Apple phone (can be fake), a fake Apple Watch, a pair of hipster glasses, and a Apple gift card. Throw on a lanyard with the Apple ID name tag and you’re good to go!

Apple Genius Costume
Apple Genius Costume Guide
Archie Andrews

Archie Andrews Costume

High school heartthrob, Archie Andrews, is one of the leading characters from the hot and steamy hit show Riverdale. We’re obsessed! Archie has all of the girls drooling over him (even some of the older ones), and they have no idea that he is lost as a little puppy on the inside. Does he make everyone happy and be the star quarterback, or does he do what makes him truly happy and go a completely different course?

Archie is the classic high school babe with an extra bit of fire to him. Make his character your next costume with some reddish brown hair dye or a wig, a grey henley, blue jeans, a pair of grey sneakers, and a Riverdale jacket. Add your favorite Betty, Veronica, and Jughead to the group for the entire crew!

Archie Andrews Costume
Archie Andrews Costume Guide

Arthur Costume

If you grew up in the 90s, you are no stranger to Arthur! Arthur the aardvark is the main character in the PBS show with the same name, Arthur. Now that you’re older, you may not watch the little guy as often, but he still makes for an easy costume that everyone will love! The best addition to this costume is bringing along a friend dressed as another character, like Arthur’s sister D.W.

Six items is all it takes to throw this costume together for a last minute cosplay night out! Sport a white dress shirt underneath a yellow sweater with a pair of blue jeans and red Converse sneakers. Transform yourself into the anthropomorphic aardvark with a pair of circular glasses and a teddy bear ears headband. Now you’re the kids television show character from the 90s!

Arthur Costume
Arthur Costume Guide
Baby Driver

Baby Driver Costume

If you’re looking for a fast costume to put together, Baby is the ultimate getaway! Baby is played by Ansel Elgort in the film Baby Driver, where he is a getaway driver for bank heisters. He’s ready to step away from that life to live happily with his new girlfriend, but this last job he signed up for seems to be taking a sharp turn for the worst.

You can quickly become the fastest driver around with only a few items! Turn yourself into Baby with a white t-shirt, dark fit-to-shrink jeans, black fashion sneakers, and a dark varsity jacket. Accessorize with sunglasses, Apple earphones, and some special effects makeup to really pull off Baby’s look.

Baby Driver Costume
Baby Driver Costume Guide
Baywatch Lifeguard (Male)

Baywatch Lifeguard (Male) Costume

Now’s your time to shine as the newest addition to the Baywatch crew! If you have what it takes to be the newest and hottest lifeguard on the beach, then this costume will be easy for you to put together and pull off! Baywatch started on television in 1989 and was recreated in 2017 starring Dwayne Johnson, and Zac Efron.

Get a group of your guys together to show up as the sexiest lifeguards around- all you need are a few pieces to pull off this look! Get ready to save the day on the beach with red board shorts, a blue tech quarter-zip shirt, a lifeguard fanny pack, and whistle, Aviator sunglasses, and a Baywatch inflatable float because you never know when you’ll need to save a swimmer’s life…or flex your muscles.

Baywatch Lifeguard (Male) Costume
Baywatch Lifeguard (Male) Costume Guide
Buck Dewey

Buck Dewey Costume

Buck Dewey is another human alongside Steve on the Cartoon Network animated show, Steven Universe. Buck is the son of the mayor in town, so he can get a little big-headed at times, but everyone knows Buck will calm down and take time to makes things right with anyone he knows.

It’s time to turn into the cool dude of Beach City with a pair of black skinny jeans, a thunderbolt t-shirt, and a red men’s dress shirt. Throw on your cool high-top kicks, and a pair of sport sunglasses. Don’t forget to get your friends to tag along dressed as Steven Universe or Garnet, Buck’s counterpart on the show!

Buck Dewey Costume
Buck Dewey Costume Guide

Butt-head Costume

Butt-Head is half of the popular duo from the show Beavis and Butt-head, and he just so happens to be a super easy costume to put together! You definitely need someone to dress as Beavis with you, so take a look at that costume next to show off to your friend!

You only need a few pieces to recreate Butt-Head’s everyday look. Start the quick and easy process with a pair of red shorts, then add an AC-DC t-shirt, white socks, black Van skate shoes, Billy-Bob teeth, and some pomade to get your hair just right! Nail down Butt-head’s infamous laugh and you will have one hilarious costume!

Butt-head Costume
Butt-head Costume Guide

Beavis Costume

Beavis’ costume is almost exactly the same at Butt-Head’s which makes this costume easier to recreate for two people! Beavis is the one who gets shoved around by Butt-Head and doesn’t ever say anything about it, but somehow their relationship works!

You’ll want most of the same pieces from Butt-Head’s look such as the white socks, skater shoes, and the same pair of shorts but in black. Replace the AC-DC shirt with a Metallic one, and spray your hair blonde with some temporary hair dye! You two will be easy to recognize as the two hit characters from MTV’s Beavis and Butt-Head!

Beavis Costume
Beavis Costume Guide
Captain Underpants

Captain Underpants Costume

Captain Underpants has been around for quite some time, but now he’s gotten everyone’s attention with the recent Captain Underpants movie being released! The popular movie started out as a book about two fourth grade students who created this character in a comic strip that turned into way more!

This costume is very simple, but is an iconic one to recreate! Thankfully all you need are a pair of white classic briefs, a red cape, a plunger, a bald wig cap, and a copy of a Captain Underpants book! Now you’re ready to save the day with the least amount of clothes possible!

Captain Underpants Costume
Captain Underpants Costume Guide
Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat Costume

If you are a YouTube watcher, you know exactly who Casey Neistat is! There are so many YouTubers now, but Casey was one of the originals and still has over 6 million subscribers on his channel.

Even though Casey has millions of people watching his everyday life, he doesn’t dress too crazy to impress anyone. You can get his look with a white t-shirts and a pair of jeans, a pair of Vans, black sunglasses, and a skateboard. And since he’s a technology guy, Casey is normally seen with some fancy pieces, but you can find fake props or cheap versions of them if you like!

Casey Neistat Costume
Casey Neistat Costume Guide
Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino Costume

Childish Gambino is one of Donald Glover Jr.’s talented personas! He is known for the music video This is America, where he sings about gun control and other sensitive topics, but he doesn’t steer away from any of the issues in the video.

Once you have your dance moves down, get your look with a few items to make this Childish Gambino costume. You’ll need a tight afro wig and a fake black beard, skip wearing a shirt and throw on a pair of grey pants, yellow loafers, and a gold chain necklace. That’s how you quickly throw together a costume that is also a big hit!

Childish Gambino Costume
Childish Gambino Costume Guide

Castiel Costume

Castiel is literally Dean and Sam Winchester’s guardian angel on the show Supernatural. While the two brothers are fighting against all the evils of hell, Castiel is there to help them all while trying to understand their sarcasm that doesn’t connect at all with a fallen angel.

Castiel has a pretty classic and easy look, and not at all what you would imagine a fallen angel would look like. He sports a pair of dress pants and dress shoes, a white dress shirt, black dress vest, a blue tie, and a beige trench coat. Then he has a sword he carries around that really pulls in his angel style. Get these pieces and you will officially be the third member of the Winchester crew!

Castiel Costume
Castiel Costume Guide
Chris Griffin

Chris Griffin Costume

Chris Griffin is the middle child of Peter and Lois Griffin on the FOX show Family Guy. He isn’t the smartest guy around, but he eventually turns into a pretty loving person later in the show. He, unfortunately, is extremely naive and that doesn’t help when added to his stupidity on the show.

You can be one of the Griffin kids with a plain blue t-shirt, black chinos, white and red striped Adidas sneakers, a blonde wig, trucker hat, and gold hoop earrings. Add a couple of friends dressed as his other family members for the full effect of this costume!

Chris Griffin Costume
Chris Griffin Costume Guide
Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin Costume

Peter Griffin is one of the unintelligent main characters of the FOX show Family Guy. To create a costume for the Griffin family, you can’t leave out the dad- Peter! His children get a lot of their traits from him including their low IQs and insecurities, but Family Guy probably couldn’t thrive the way it does without good old Peter!

After you have your friends dressed as the rest of the Griffin crew, you can get your look like Peter Griffin together with these few items. You need a long sleeve button down, green chinos pants, dark brown shoes, a black belt with a golden buckle, round metal glasses, and really pull off the look with a Peter Griffin mask!

Peter Griffin Costume
Peter Griffin Costume Guide
Stewie Griffin

Stewie Griffin Costume

No other animated young children on television shows play a part like Stewie Griffin on Family Guy. The rest of his family can’t understand his foul mouth, aside from their dog Brian. This really sets Stewie’s temper off, and sometimes he goes to the extreme of trying to kill his own beloved mother.

That’s Stewie for you, and this is how to recreate his look for a hilarious costume! Wear a yellow long sleeve shirt underneath a pair of red overalls, with a pair of light blue slip-ons. Get Stewie’s signature pieces with a Stewie mask, a teddy bear, a Brian plush, and toy guns. Bring your friends along to have the entire Griffin family’s costume!

Stewie Griffin Costume
Stewie Griffin Costume Guide
Dale Gribble

Dale Gribble Costume

You recognize Dale Gribble from the hilarious hit show, King of the Hill. Dale is a bug exterminator who loves to breed small animals like turtles for a hobby. He doesn’t have too much aim in his life other than paying the cable bill which is exactly why Dale is so loved on the show.

Dale signature style is created with a white t-shirt underneath a brown button down short sleeve shirt, a pair of blue pants, a brown belt, and a pair of work boots. You definitely need the orange hat Dale always wears, aviator sunglasses, a steel link watch, and fake cigarettes because we all know Dale has a strong talent in chain smoking.

Dale Gribble Costume
Dale Gribble Costume Guide
Danny Zuko

Danny Zuko Costume

Danny Zuko is the greaser who is in love with Sandy in the crazy popular movie Grease. If you’ve seen it once, you have most likely seen it a hundred times! Grease will always be a classic and that’s all thanks to Danny Zuko played by John Travolta and the rest of the amazing cast!

Get Danny’s greaser look with a white t-shirt, a black leather jacket, Converse sneakers, blue jeans, and a Danny Zuko wig. To take the look to the next level, get a friend to dress as Sandy to bring together the dynamic duo once again!

Danny Zuko Costume
Danny Zuko Costume Guide

Daredevil Costume

Daredevil is different than most of the superheroes in the Marvel universe because he is fighting crime all while being blind! He wasn’t always blind, but while saving someone during a car crash, Daredevil—his real name being Matt Murdock- interacted with a radioactive substance that permanently blinded him but enhanced all of his other senses.

Daredevil’s look is easy to recreate with a black long sleeve tactical shirt, black pants, black boots, tactical gloves, a black belt, a black bandana to wrap around your eyes, and wooden dowel rods as weapons.

Daredevil Costume
Daredevil Costume Guide
Dennis Nedry

Dennis Nedry Costume

Dennis Nedry was the guy in the yellow jacket that we all remember too well from the movie Jurassic Park. He pushed his luck with everyone including the dinosaurs until he ran out of luck. When he was attempting to steal the dinosaur embryos, everything went downhill for Dennis.

Get the unforgettable look of Dennis Nerdy with a blue polo shirt, a gray members-only jacket, a large yellow raincoat, classic pleated pants, and half frame Wayfarer glasses. You will always want to grab a Jurassic Park velcro patch, a Dennis Nerdy fake ID, and a fake Barbasol shaving cream can.

Dennis Nedry Costume
Dennis Nedry Costume Guide
Dipper Pines

Dipper Pines Costume

Dipper Pines is the twin brother of his sister Mabel Pines on the Disney XD show Gravity Falls. While Dipper thought he was moving to Gravity Falls, Oregon to be bored the entire summer with his Uncle Stan, he and his sister stumble upon supernatural beings and happenings in the small town!

Get the look of the supernatural hunter Dipper Pines with an orange t-shirt, a blue fleece vest, classic two striped socks, grey skater shoes, and a Dipper blue pine hat. To complete the look, bring someone along to dress as Dipper’s twin sister Mabel, and you will have the two main characters from Gravity Falls.

Dipper Pines Costume
Dipper Pines Costume Guide
Donald Trump

Donald Trump Costume

Donald Trump was first known for his real estate success and then the reality TV show, The Apprentice. Now we all know Donald Trump as President of the United States. We’re not sure if there’s anything Donald Trump can’t do if he sets his mind to it!

Get Donald Trump’s iconic look with a white dress shirt, a two-button suit jacket, dress pants, a red satin tie, a USA flag lapel pin, a Make America Great Again cap, a Donald “imitator” wig, and Trump for President stickers. Get out there and let everyone know how you’re going to make America great again!

Donald Trump Costume
Donald Trump Costume Guide
Doc Louis

Doc Louis Costume

If you’re wanting to look like a previous heavyweight boxing champion, Doc Louis is the look for you! Doc is from the Nintendo video game Punch Out!! and taught Mac all of his boxing moves, especially the Star Punch. Now that Doc isn’t a professional boxer anymore, he has set his mind to helping Mac become the best boxer out there!

Follow this guide to get Doc’s look with only a few key pieces! You will need a white t-shirt underneath a red pivot jacket, blue joggers, white sneakers, and a white towel to throw around your shoulders. Grab a friend to dress as Mac to complete this Punch- Out! look

Doc Louis Costume
Doc Louis Costume Guide
Doug Funnie

Doug Funnie Costume

Doug Funnie is the main character from the Nickelodeon show, Doug. Teenage boys watching this show can relate to Doug is the way that he isn’t confident enough in himself. He is so insecure that he created a comic strip alter ego of himself called Quailman! Doug is also in love with Patti Mayonnaise, but she may never know if Doug is too scared to ever tell her.

Get Doug’s everyday look with a white cotton t-shirt, a green sweater vest, a pair of chino shorts, white tube socks, and grey converse sneakers. If you really want this costume to look legit, get some friends to dress as Patti and some of the other characters from the show!

Doug Funnie Costume
Doug Funnie Costume Guide

Fonzie Costume

Arthur Fonzarelli, better known as Fonzie, captured the hearts of families across America on the hit television show Happy Days. He looks like a tough guy who may be rough around the edges, but Fonzie is nothing less than a respectful and upstanding guy!

Fonzie is always seen wearing the same outfit, which you can make into your next cosplay idea in the snap of your fingers! Grab one of your white t-shirts, throw on a leather jacket, blue jeans, and black boots. To get Fonzie’s greaser hairstyle, use some pomade and carry around a comb to show off how serious you take your hair!

Fonzie Costume
Fonzie Costume Guide
Fred Jones

Fred Jones Costume

Fred Jones is the leader of the Mystery Inc. crew alongside Daphne Blake, Velma Dinkley, Shaggy, and Scooby. Fred seems to be the most mature and least afraid of the ghosts and goblins they face, but Fred is caught by himself in a dark place, his true side comes out and he’s not as brave as he appears!

Fred’s costume is easy to make your own by wearing a long sleeve blue dress shirt underneath a white sweater, with a red neckerchief, a pair of slacks and loafers. Of course, you need a blonde wig to match Fred’s handsome hairstyle, and bring along your friends dressed as the rest of the Scooby Gang to get the entire crew together for a costume!

Fred Jones Costume
Fred Jones Costume Guide

Drake Costume

Drake went all the way from playing a role on the show Degrassi to having more number 1 hits than any other rapper! Speaking of his hit songs, Hotline Bling quickly climbed the charts with Drake’s dance moves and smooth lyrics. People all over were recreating his video and dance moves with their own and posting their versions on the internet.

Now you can show off your rap skills and dance moves dressed as Drake from the crazy popular music video. You will need a grey turtleneck pullover sweater, a pair of grey fleece sweatpants, a copy of Drake’s Views CD, and a pair of Timberland wheat nubuck boots. Now it’s time to show us your moves!

Drake Costume
Drake Costume Guide
Old School Dwayne

Old School Dwayne Costume

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has just about done it all. He started out as a football player, became a WWF wrestler, and is now one of the top actors in Hollywood! Everyone has a past though, and Dwayne isn’t one to shy away from his embarrassing moments.

Dwayne shared a picture of himself that began circling the internet and was known as the “Old School Dwayne” look. Get Dwayne’s old school fashion with a pair of blue jeans, a brown turtleneck shirt, a black belt, white sneakers, a brown fanny pack, a silver chain bracelet, and a necklace. Now you’re rocking in style!

Old School Dwayne  Costume
Old School Dwayne Costume Guide

Eazy-E Costume

Eazy-E was a rapper who went down in history known as a king of gangsta-rap. He stood alongside Dr. Dre and Ice Cube with his musical talents where he he didn’t stick with just one genre. He blew everyone out of the water with his original beats and lyrics!

Make Eazy-E your next Halloween costume with a pair of dark jeans, a white t-shirt, a black front-zip jacket, and some Nike classic Cortez sneakers. Add a tight, curly wig, a Compton baseball cap, a gold rapper chain necklace, fingerless motorcycle gloves, and dark lens sunglasses. Now you have the look of a rapper gone down in history!

Eazy-E Costume
Eazy-E Costume Guide
Dwight Schrute

Dwight Schrute Costume

Dwight Schrute isn’t a fan of pranks and will always stand beside his favorite boss, Michael, on the show The Office. Dwight takes his job very seriously and doesn’t have time for Jim’s shenanigans. His dry sense of humor and random “facts” about his younger years in life make him one of the most loved characters on the show!

Make sure your costume is up to par with Dwight’s office attire with a brown two-button classic fit suit, a short-sleeve poplin shirt, and a check style microfiber tie. Sport Dwight’s favorite accessories with clear lens, metal glasses, a Casio calculator watch, a pager, and a Dwight Schrute Mifflin official ID badge! Bring your friends along dressed as Michael, Jim, and Pam to get some of the other characters from The Office together for a group costume!

Dwight Schrute Costume
Dwight Schrute Costume Guide
Elliot Alderson

Elliot Alderson Costume

Elliot Alderson is the character you have heard of from the show Mr. Robot. He is a cybersecurity worker for the company E-Corp. But what people don’t know is that he has a different job title at night- a cyber hacker! As you wouldn’t guessed, Elliot is more intuned with his technology than with personal communication, but his night time version of himself gives him flexibility in his life in more ways than one.

Get Elliot’s introverted cyber hacker look with black slim fit jeans, a black t-shirt, a black full-zip fleece hoodie, black Timberland sneakers, a black tactical backpack, and a Dell computer. It’s time to hack away at your next cosplay night out!

Elliot Alderson Costume
Elliot Alderson Costume Guide
John Wick

John Wick Costume

Even assassins can have a soft spot in their lives. John Wick is an assassin who is respected by people around him and he tries to be fair to most, but it isn’t until someone kills the puppy that was gifted to him from his late wife that he absolutely loses it and goes on a killing rampage.

Get the look of a top-ranked assassin with a black suit, black dress shirt and vest, black tie, black dress shoes, and a metal airsoft spring pistol. Add some scar sticker to your body to show John Wick’s resilience, and a stuffed animal dog since that is what sent him over the edge.

John Wick Costume
John Wick Costume Guide
Greg Universe

Greg Universe Costume

Greg Universe is the father figure and actual father of Steven from the Cartoon Network series, Steven Universe. Greg is one of the only humans living in the Gem’s world because he fell in love with Rose Quartz and they had their child, Steven Quartz Rose- the half-gem and half-human character.

Unlike most of the other characters on the show, you can easily achieve Greg’s costume with only six pieces. You will definitely need cut off jean shorts, a white tank top, a half bald wig, and a brown goatee. Throw on a pair of blue flip-flops and mist on some spray tan to get a serious farmer’s tan! Don’t forget to drag along a friend dressed as Steven to really pull this look together.

Greg Universe Costume
Greg Universe Costume Guide

Lucas Costume

From the 3rd installment of the video game Mother, Lucas is one of the main characters! He has a twin brother who he experienced the loss of their mother with. Lucas’ brother made a vow to avenge their mother’s death, but Lucas is more quiet and wanted to focus on becoming brave and strong for years to come. Finally, Lucas made the decision to return to and save Tazmily Village.

Lucas’ style is an easy one to put together because he doesn’t wear anything out of the norm. You can probably find a pair of shorts, tall white socks, and red Converse sneakers in your own closet, and then all you need to add to complete the look is a red striped shirt and a blonde wig to style just like Lucas.

Lucas Costume
Lucas Costume Guide
Luke Cage

Luke Cage Costume

Luke Cage is unlike many superheroes in the way that he doesn’t have a stand-out and flashy costume! Luke wanted to blend in with the crowd because his powers were new to him and he didn’t want to make a scene. On the Netflix show, Luke Cage, he is an ex-convict wrongly convicted of a crime that he did not commit.

Get Luke’s costume with ordinary clothes like a pair of jeans, a black t-shirt layered underneath a hooded sweatshirt and a Carhartt coat. To complete the look, add black work boots, a Casio Sport watch, a bald cap, and a goatee beard set.

Luke Cage Costume
Luke Cage Costume Guide
Marshall Lee

Marshall Lee Costume

Marshall Lee is known as the vampire guy from the Cartoon Network show Adventure Time. He is the counterpart of Marceline, and therefore has the same abilities she does like turning into a bat and reviving the dead! He can get a little rough, so others have to be on the lookout for this bloodthirsty fella!

Get Marshall Lee’s look to make your perfect Halloween costume with a pair of jeans, a red flannel shirt, red Converse sneakers, a set of vampire teeth, and white foundation to give you the pale look of a vampire!

Marshall Lee Costume
Marshall Lee Costume Guide
Men In Black

Men In Black Costume

Agents from the popular movie Men In Black is a great way to make a costume for two! You and your friend can go dressed as Agent J and Agent K on the hunt for aliens who aren’t keeping peace on Earth. Bring along your memory erasers in case you come across anyone who needs to forget about the funky aliens you meet.

Get both of your costumes with the same style and pieces! You will need a black suit with a white dress shirt, and black dress shoes. Throw on a pair of black MIB sunglasses, an analog watch, black tie, a MIB neutralizer, and a Frank the Pug plush toy.

Men In Black Costume
Men In Black Costume Guide
Miguel Rivera (Coco)

Miguel Rivera (Coco) Costume

Miguel from the Disney Pixar animated film Coco, has a serious passion in his life and that’s music! There’s only one problem though- his family has banned music for generations because of the bad experience they have had with it in the past. Miguel sneaks off to play music on his own, and he ends up going on an adventure that will change his family for generations to come!

Miguel has a simple style to quickly throw a costume together with only a few pieces. Get started with a pair of jeans, a white tank top, and Chukka boots. Add a white stripe on a red zip-up hoodie with some white tape, and carry around a white guitar with a brown guitar strap to really get Miguel’s passion of music and his style all-in-one!

Miguel Rivera (Coco) Costume
Miguel Rivera (Coco) Costume Guide
Morty Smith

Morty Smith Costume

Morty Smith is the grandson of Rick from the animated show Rick and Morty. Being one of the main characters, Morty is a bit of a pushover and doesn’t have much self-confidence in himself. His grandfather Rick drags Morty along on adventures that tend to go awry very quickly.

Morty is a popular cosplay idea, so grab someone to dress as Rick to get these two looks together for a complete cosplay! Morty’s style is easy to recreate with a yellow t-shirt, a pair of jeans, white sneakers, white socks, and a toy space gun with the full sounds! Now you’re ready for a cosplay misadventure with as Rick and Morty!

Morty Smith Costume
Morty Smith Costume Guide
Rocky Balboa

Rocky Balboa Costume

It’s time to put up your dukes as Rocky Balboa! Everyone knows his name from the popular Rocky movie series. This look is Rocky’s training style as he prepared to face another great fighter, Apollo Creed! It’s time to run around and take a few swings to get this look!

Get Rocky’s sweaty character with a grey crew sweatshirt layered underneath a grey pullover sweatshirt, matching grey sweatpants, a black knit beanie, Everlast hand wrap, and a pair of black Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars. The knockout king wouldn’t have gotten to where he was without training, so this look is just as popular as any other!

Rocky Balboa Costume
Rocky Balboa Costume Guide

Run DMC Costume

Run-D.M.C. made a huge impact not only on the rap scene and on the fashion world as well! This group of rappers brought about their different style and had everyone rapping their songs and mimicking their outfits. Almost 40 years later and this group is still as popular as ever!

Get your hip-hop on with a couple of your friends to create this group cosplay! All you need are Adidas track tops and matching bottoms, Adidas original sneakers, a black Fedora hat, oversized glasses, and a gold chain. Now get your favorite Run DMC song playing to sing along and show off your dance moves!

Run DMC Costume
Run DMC Costume Guide

Squints Costume

We all remember Squints faking drowning in the pool just so the lifeguard, Wendy Peffercorn, would give him mouth-to-mouth to resuscitate him. Squints always went the extra mile in life and in his storytelling which sometimes got him in trouble.

Bring the entire Sandlot crew together by getting your friends to dress as Smalls, Ham, Benjamin Franklin, and Yeah Yeah! Once you have the rest of the guys together again, get started on your Squints costume! All you need is a striped crew t-shirt, regular fit jeans, high top sneakers, a black baseball cap, thick black glasses, a baseball glove, and a baseball!

Squints Costume
Squints Costume Guide

Don’t feel so bad waiting until the last minute for a costume—we’ve got you covered. We know that planning the perfect Halloween costume each year can be time-consuming. So, this list of costumes breaks down each character’s look into an easy outfit to put together! No one will even notice that your costume took basically no time at all to put together.

The best part about these costume guides is they are among the most popular costumes from TV shows, movies, and video games! Choose from Marvel superheroes like Luke Cage, animated characters like Miguel from Disney Pixar’s Coco, or hilarious old-school versions of celebrities like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Last minute decisions can be tough, so we made them all for you. You simply have to pick a character and we’ll help assemble the look with the costume pieces listed.