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Yang Xiao Long Costume Guide
Yang Xiao Long Costume
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Best Yang Xiao Long Costume Guide

Yang Xiao Lang, who appears on the Rooster Teeth show RWBY, is a member of the team RWBY trained at the Beacon Academy. As for her looks, she has fair skin and golden hair which falls all the way down to her waist. Her eyes are purple but turn a fiery red when she’s angry. Yang Xiao Lang is extremely confident in her abilities which make her a formidable fighter armed with dual ranged shot gauntlets. She is one of the main characters on RWBY along with Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, and Blake Belladonna. Get the look of Yang Xiao Long with this complete costume guide.

To cosplay Yang Xiao Long, get a Yang Xiao Long Costume. After that, put on a Yang Xiao Long Wig. Wear a pair of Yang Xiao Long Boots and Thigh High Over Knee Socks. Finally, put on a similar Head Wrap Scarf. With these pieces, you can get the completed look of one of the most epic characters of RWBY!

Yang Xiao Long Cosplay Costumes

Yang Xiao Long doesn’t mess around and neither will you when you cosplay this character. As a member of RWBY, you shouldn’t be cosplaying alone. Bring your friends along to join in the fun too. Even better, make this a girls only event considering the RWBY team consists of just girls. So, for a few ideas, your friends can dress up as Blake Belladonna, Weiss Schnee, Ruby Rose, Glynda Goodwitch, or Professor Ozpin.

But, don’t stop there. You and your friends can dress up as your favorite anime characters from other TV shows, not just the Rooster Teeth show RWBY. Costume Wall has a massive collection for you to browse through some great costume guides for inspiration. If you do this cosplay, send us some pictures because we would love to feature them!

About Yang Xiao Long

Yang Xiao Long is the fifth member of team RWBY. She is hot headed, but an extremely confident and ferocious fighter. She grew up as an orphan due to her mother dying at a young age. Even worse, she was heartbroken because she didn’t find out about it until after some quite making her even more heartbroken.Yang Xiao Long is the older half-sister of Ruby Rose.

Her semblance on the Rooster Teeth show RWBY is fire, meaning most of her attacks are fire based. Her signature weapon is the Dual Range Shot Gauntlets which shoot explosive rounds and can be used to propel herself upwards due to powerful recoil. She is extremely strong and can punch with excruciating force even without her enhanced weapons. She is extremely caring and acts as the big sister of her group. She is energetic, bright, and talks in a no-nonsense way. Yang Xiao Long is a highly unique character in RWBY and an amazing character to cosplay!

Yang Xiao Long

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