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Zoey Costume Guide

Best Zoey Halloween Costume Guide

Fortnite Battle Royale is known for a full range of skins that you can use to customize the look of your players. Skins are classified as Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon, and Common.  Let your imagination run wild by cosplaying the various Fortnite skins. There are so many to choose from in Fortnite. Whether you want to look like a fierce warrior or a seemingly harmless character, there’s a Fornite skin for everyone.

Zoey is an epic skin in the player-versus-player game, Fornite Battle Royale. Players can unlock the skin as a reward from Tier 47 of Season 4 of the game. Zoey’s skin is said to be based on a character from the movie Wreck-It-Ralph. Put on the prettiest Fornite cosplay with our candy pink Zoey costume guide. Her outfit consists of a Zoey costume that looks like a pink off-shoulder, long-sleeved shirt with gray striped leggings, and a pink striped skirt. In addition to her costume, you will need to accessorize your costume with a Rainbow Fortnite Pickaxe, Toyscar, Zoey Hair and Hat, and Pink Boots.

Zoey Cosplay Costumes

What’s even better than showing up at a [Halloween] costume party cosplaying a Fortnite skin? It’s showing up with your friends wearing their own favorite Fortnite skin outfits! Cosplaying is far more fun when joined with friends! Aside from Zoey, we have you and your friends covered with a wide range of Fortnite skins, all complete with accessories, so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Zoey’s appearance is that of a teenager wearing a pink hat over her lime-green hair. Her outfit consists of a pink hoodie with off-shoulder sleeves. On her shoulders are brown straps that contain jellybeans. These are the same jellybeans that are found on the hem of her pink striped skirt. She complements her skirt with pants that have gray and black stripes. She wears pink mid-length boots over her feet. Our Zoey costume guide has everything you need to get the most accurate Fornite cosplay. No need to dye your hair, we have already located the right bright green wig to wear along with your pink hat.

About Zoey

One of the most popular games is Fortnite Battle Royale, and the game is adding even more skins to fuel excitement. It’s not just the battle action that excites fans–it’s the fantastic outfit choices available for both the male and female characters. As the game keeps expanding, expect to have even more skins added. More skins mean even more cosplay opportunities to be excited about!

Zoey’s accessories are as sweet-looking as her outfit. She has a backpack with a star-shaped zipper and light green stitching on the bottom. Her bag is filled with sweets–candy canes, gumdrops, and lollipops. Her weapon is a pickaxe that looks like a two-sided red and green lollipop. The stick of the lollipop is mostly covered in chocolate.  She also has a matching pink glider with two wings and candles on top.


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