How to Dress Like Zhou (Ready Player One)

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Zhou Costume Guide
Varsity Jacket
Black Jeans
Black T-Shirt
Letter S Patch
Puma Sneakers

Best Zhou Costume Guide

Zhou is a fictional character in the 2018 sci-fi adventure film Ready Player One and is played by Phillip Zhao in the Steven Spielberg hit. Zhou can be somewhat untrusting of others, but he is an honest player in the virtual reality world OASIS. He takes his position as a Gunter (egg hunter) seriously, and with main character Wade Watts, his friend Samantha Cook, and Helen and Toshiro, he is part of a group known as the High Five, who are essentially the good guys.

Zhou uses the avatar of Sho in the OASIS world, and at various times throughout the film, he is responsible for helping Wade Watts (Parzival) out of trouble. If you’re ready to step into OASIS as Zhou, you’ll need a Varsity Jacket, Black Jeans, Black T-Shirt, Letter ‘S’ Patch and Puma Sneakers.

Zhou Cosplay Costumes

I bet at one time or another, we all wish we could be someone we’re not. That’s kind of the point of cosplay, right? Spending some time lost in someone else’s character for a brief moment in time. Well in a way, the crew from the 2018 Steven Spielberg sci-fi adventure are doing just that. Using an avatar and slipping into a virtual reality in search of the fun and adventure they can’t seem to find in real life. So in a way, Zhou and the gang from Ready Player One are like the cosplayers of the virtual world.

Zhou is part of a group who becomes known as the High Five – so if you want to coordinate your costumes with a few friends, we’ve got plenty here to choose from. Why not try Samantha Cook, Wade Watts or his avatar Parzival?

About Zhou

Zhou is a character in Steven Spielberg’s big hit film from 2018 called Ready Player One. He is a Chinese American boy, played by Phillip Zhao in the movie, where his character takes the avatar of Sho. In the original book version by Ernest Cline, Zhou’s real name is Akihide Karatsu, and his avatar is Shoto. Once inside the virtual reality world of OASIS, Zhou, along with his friend Aech (Helen) and Daito (Toshiro) meet up with the primary characters Wade Watts (Parzival) and Samantha Cook (Art3mis).

Due to their lofty positions on the leader-board within the game, the group becomes known as the High Five. While Zhou is a player in the game and therefore wants to find the Easter eggs himself, he realizes that more can be achieved by working together as a group, and he even helps rescue Parzival at one point in the film.


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