How to Dress Like Zhora Salome

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Leather Underwear Set
Rhinestone Mesh Jumpsuit
Clear Plastic Raincoat
Short Curly Hair
Fake Toy Snake
Black Leather Boots

Best Zhora Costume Guide

Zhora Salome is a character from the Off-world colony in the 1982 movie, Blade Runner. She was a Nexus-6 replicant originally created for an Off-world colony but escapes with Roy Batty and travels back to Earth in an attempt to find meaning in life. her creator. Zhora wanted a fuller and longer life than she would have had at the colony. She worked as a dancer at a nightclub while finding out how to accomplish her mission. Get the look of the Taffey Lewis dancer with this Zhora costume guide.

Cosplay Zhora’s nightclub dancing attire with a Short and Curly Wig, a Sparkled Bodysuit, Leather Underwear Set, Black Leather Boots, a Clear Plastic Raincoat, and her trusty Fake Toy Snake! Bust out your best dance and combat moves!

Zhora Cosplay Costumes

Zhora’s costume in the movie, Blade Runner, is at the top of the eccentric costume list and we love it! Most of this costume is assembled with harder to find items like a leather underwear set and a sparkled bodysuit. Some of the more readily available items include a fake toy snake and a clear plastic raincoat! You can the matching wig at a costume shop and use a pair of black leather boots out of your own closet to bring Zhora’s look together.

Zhora Salome was on a mission that involved other Off-world residents. So, grab a couple of your friends to dress as Rick Deckard, Roy Batty, and Leon Kowalski to make an epic group costume of characters from the original Blade Runner! Though “retired” by Deckard in the movie, you should still break out Zhora’s costume for Halloween or cosplay.

Zhora Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the dystopian world of “Blade Runner” with our detailed costume guide FAQ dedicated to Zhora Salome. Known for her enigmatic and powerful presence, this guide will assist you in recreating Zhora’s distinctive look, perfect for fans of the iconic sci-fi film.

Zhora's most iconic outfit is her unique, futuristic snake-skin costume. This includes a shimmering, skin-tight bodysuit that resembles snake scales, often interpreted with metallic or reflective fabrics. The outfit is both seductive and intimidating, reflecting her character as a replicant. Adding to her exotic look are knee-high boots and a clear, plastic raincoat that she wears in one of the film's most memorable scenes.

Zhora's hair in "Blade Runner" is styled in a short, dark, and slicked-back look, which can be achieved with gel or a wig. Her makeup is dramatic and futuristic, with emphasis on dark, smoky eyeshadow, bold eyeliner, and dark or red lipstick to create a look that is both striking and in line with the film's noir aesthetic.

Apart from her costume, Zhora is known for her snake, which is integral to her character's identity. While a live snake might not be practical, a realistic faux snake can be a great accessory. Additionally, her clear plastic raincoat is iconic and adds an extra layer of complexity to the costume.

Zhora wears high, black, knee-high boots that complement her skin-tight bodysuit. These boots are sleek and have a futuristic feel, aligning with the overall aesthetic of "Blade Runner". They should be comfortable enough for movement, reflecting Zhora's agility and combat skills.

While Zhora Salome doesn't have many lines in "Blade Runner", her presence is impactful. You can use general lines from the film that capture the essence of her character and the movie's atmosphere, such as: "Are you for real?," "I think, Sebastian, therefore I am.," "I've had people walk out on me before, but not when I was being so charming." and "You know that Voight-Kampff test of yours? Did you ever take that test yourself?" These lines, though not directly Zhora's, reflect the themes of identity, reality, and existentialism present in "Blade Runner" and can add depth to your portrayal of her character.

About Zhora

In Off-world: The Blade Runner, Zhora Salome was trained as a replicant to combat and travel to Off-world colonies. Once she realized that the colonies weren’t full of everything that was originally promised, such as financial stability and a perfect environment, she decided to take her fate into her own hands and hopefully find a peaceful home for herself.

Zhora found an Off-world pilot’s vessel and escaped from the colony back to Earth! She had to live undercover to hide her true identity, and to do so she found a job as an exotic dancer in a nightclub where she enticed men with a fake snake toy. Zhora Salome and the rest of the escapees would meet from time to time to discuss their ultimate plans. Unfortunately, Zhora was hunted down and retired by Deckard. She had to fight for her life in hopes of escaping and a true life of freedom.


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