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Zero Two is the chief heroine and a very important character of the Japanese animated series Darling in the Franxx. She is a human-klaxo sapien hybrid which means she is part-klaxo sapien, a humanoid alien species known to have been the previous inhabitants of Earth before humans. She is also a member of the APE Special Force, a worldwide organization that governs all humanity known to be living. This organization is run by scientists and politicians. Since she is technically an elite parasite, codenamed “002”, and known as the “Partner Killer,” Zero Two had only really known solitude. This was in-part also due to the fact that she didn’t look wholly human. Her Klaxosaur blood had given her horns. Get the look of the badass female humanoid with this Zero Two costume guide.

Rock this look with a Zero Two costume, a Zero Two white coat, black tights, Zero Two shoes, a Zero Two headband, and a long hair wig.

Zero Two Cosplay Costumes

When she was much younger, Zero Two looked more monster-like than she did human-like. She had red skin, sharp long nails, and even fanged teeth. While her eyes were technically normal, one will notice that part of them are actually red upon closer inspection. Her horns were also much bigger comparable to her head, whereas her hair was light pink. As she grew up, she resembled a human more and more. Her skin became fairer in complexion, for example, and she was able to manage her horns with a headband. Dressing up as her, make sure to have the pink wig and Zero Two headband with horns that will make you recognizable as the character.

Don’t forget to bring your squad with you! Let your friends tag along and make them cosplay as their Darling in the Franxx favorites, such as Hiro, Goro, Ichigo, Zorome, and Kokoro.

Zero Two Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the captivating world of “Darling in the Franxx” by embodying Zero Two, the enigmatic and fiercely independent heroine known for her distinctive pink hair and partnership with Hiro. Our detailed costume guide FAQ is designed to help you capture the essence of Zero Two’s character, from her battle-ready pilot suit to her iconic horns, ensuring your transformation is as authentic and striking as her presence in the series. Whether for a cosplay event, a themed party, or simply to celebrate your admiration for one of anime’s most compelling characters, this guide will provide you with all the necessary details to accurately portray Zero Two.

Zero Two's outfit is characterized by its sleek and futuristic design, reflective of her role as a Franxx pilot. Essential components include her tight, red pilot suit, which is form-fitting and features white accents and a unique, militaristic style. The suit is complemented by her white, knee-high boots that have a red detail matching the suit. Zero Two's look is made even more distinctive by her long pink hair, often styled in a loose ponytail, and her small red horns, which signify her part-Klaxosaur heritage.

To replicate Zero Two's horns, consider using lightweight materials such as foam or clay that can be sculpted, painted red, and securely attached to a headband that blends with your hair. For her hairstyle, a long pink wig styled into a loose ponytail will capture her signature look. If you're using your natural hair, temporary pink hair dye can achieve the vibrant color, with hair extensions added for length if necessary.

Essential accessories for a convincing portrayal of Zero Two include her pilot headset, which can be recreated using craft foam and paint to mimic the anime's design. Additionally, crafting her unique pendant necklace will add an authentic touch to the ensemble. These accessories not only complete the costume visually but also underscore Zero Two's identity as a Franxx pilot and her deep connection to Hiro.

For a DIY approach to Zero Two's pilot suit, start with a base of a red bodysuit as the foundation. Use white fabric paint or attach white fabric pieces to create the suit's distinctive patterns and accents. Pay special attention to the details, such as the white lines that run down the suit and the unique collar design. For a more polished look, consider sewing on the fabric accents for durability and a seamless appearance.

Zero Two is known for her bold personality and poignant dialogue throughout "Darling in the Franxx." Here are some quotes that can bring depth to your portrayal: "I'm not some doll you can play with!," "If you have the ability to change my mood, you might just be my darling.," "Let me be your wings.," "I found you, my darling." and "I want to be human so I can be with you." Incorporating these quotes into your portrayal can help you capture the essence of Zero Two's character, reflecting her complexity, her desires, and her deep bond with Hiro.

About Zero Two

Despite her individualistic nature and solitude, Zero Two took a liking for the Darling in the Franxx main protagonist, Hiro. Because of this, she gave him a chance to pilot with her, effectively making him her new partner and “darling.” After they flew three flights together, they became members of the 13th Plantation, otherwise known as Cerasus. Here, they piloted a Franxx called Sterlizia. A franxx is an armor and control system created by Dr. Franxx to combat the Klaxosaurs. These are usually piloted by children in boy-girl pairs, called Parasites. Thus, the pairing of Zero Two and Hiro. After much conflict about their clashing fears and backgrounds, the two eventually became a couple and thereafter chose to sacrifice their lives to protect those close to them. It is shown that a thousand years later, their souls reincarnate as two little children who meet again and rekindle their romance.

Zero Two

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