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Best Zero Suit Samus Costume Guide

Zero Suit Samus is an alternate form of Samus Aran, the protagonist of the science fiction adventure game, Metroid. The name Zero Suit Samus was first mentioned in the Nintendo video game, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, in which Samus appears as a playable character. In the game, Samus’ character can be played with or without her Power Suit, which is powered armor in its basic form, without upgrades. The Zero Suit is a form-fitting suit that Samus wears under her Power Suit. When dressed in the Zero Suit, Samus uses a set of movements and attacks that are different when compared to not wearing the suit.

Dress up as one of the hottest babes in video games with our Zero Suit Samus costume set. You get the Zero Suit Samus Body Suit, Blonde Hair Wig, and Open Toe Heeled Sandal. Complete the look with the Toy Paralyser Gun, Gun Holster, and Samus Helmet.

Zero Suit Samus Cosplay Costumes

Her trophy description explains that “Without her Power Suit, Samus Aran may not have her usual strength, special moves, or over-powered arm cannon, but her Jet Boots kick things up a notch in their way.” When she’s out of her Power Suit and wearing just her Zero Suit, Samus does not have her typical firepower, but she is still very athletic and agile. Without the armor, her movements are much faster, as well. However, when wearing the Zero Suit, Samus uses the Paralyzer—a self-protection device that stops enemies cold. When the Zero Suit Samus is activated, her Power Suit falls into pieces on the ground. These pieces can be picked up and hurled at other fighters.

The slinky blue Zero Suit Samus costume is sure to turn heads in your next cosplay event! Since this suit hugs all your curves, you might want to wear a girdle to give you the same flawless hourglass figure as Samus Aran.

Zero Suit Samus Costume Tips & FAQs

Gear up for an interstellar adventure with our costume guide FAQ for Zero Suit Samus from the “Metroid” series. Known for her agility and prowess as an intergalactic bounty hunter, Zero Suit Samus’s outfit is a sleek and iconic symbol of her strength and dexterity. This guide is perfect for fans and cosplayers looking to embody the precision and power of one of the most famous heroines in video gaming.

Zero Suit Samus's outfit is characterized by its form-fitting, futuristic design. The suit is primarily a vibrant blue, with pink and red detailing, and often features a high collar and long sleeves. It's made from a material that looks like advanced, flexible body armor, emphasizing her agility and combat readiness. Key visual elements include the intricate patterns and lines along the suit, which highlight its technological aspect.

Zero Suit Samus is known for her blonde hair, typically styled in a short ponytail. To replicate her look, consider using a blonde wig styled accordingly. For makeup, aim for a strong yet minimalistic approach, with emphasis on the eyes to portray her focused and determined nature.

The appropriate footwear for a Zero Suit Samus costume are boots that match the suit's color scheme. They should be sleek, in blue, with pink or red accents, and fit tightly to the leg to maintain the streamlined look of the suit. The boots should also appear functional and suitable for combat.

To enhance your Zero Suit Samus cosplay, consider including her Paralyzer gun, a small, handheld weapon that she uses when not in her full armor suit. This can be recreated with materials like foam or 3D-printed components and painted to match the gun's appearance in the games.

To add depth to your Zero Suit Samus cosplay, focus on embodying her traits as a skilled and agile bounty hunter. She is known for her combat skills, so adopting a confident and powerful stance, as well as showing readiness for action, will enhance the portrayal. Samus is also a character of few words, often letting her actions speak for her, so a strong, silent demeanor can be effective. By focusing on these elements, your Zero Suit Samus costume will not only be visually striking but will also capture the essence of this iconic video game heroine.

About Zero Suit Samus

Samus Aran is considered one of the hottest girls in video games. Her blonde hair and blue eyes make her appear Caucasian. But, because her facial traits vary from game to game, she can sometimes be mistaken as Asian. In one of the Metroid games, her appearance was based on the looks of actress Kim Basinger. Samus is described as a muscular woman who is about 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 198 pounds (with her Power Suit). She retains her appearance, blonde hair, blue eyes, and beauty mark from earlier games.

The Zero Suit placed fourth on ScrewAttack’s list of the top 10 sexiest outfits in video games. Lisa Foiles from The Escapist ranked Zero Suit Samus as the “hottest blonde chick” in video games. She was also on the top of the list of the sexiest game girls list of Nixie Pixel from Revision3. Additionally, Samus ranked as the tenth most sexy female character in Thanh Niên’s 2015 list, particularly for her Zero Suit.

Zero Suit Samus

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