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Lobby Bell Boy Purple Costume Hat
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Best Zero Moustafa Costume Guide

Zero Moustafa, played by Tony Revolori, makes his appearance in the 2014 Wes Anderson film, The Grand Budapest Hotel. As the new Lobby Boy for the Grand Budapest, Zero quickly becomes the protege of the hotel concierge M. Gustave. One of the most important aspects of Zero’s character in the movie is his lack of facial hair. The fact that he cannot grow a mustache is meant to resemble his lack of manhood. But, the strength and courage that Zero Moustafa shows to Mr. Gustave are invaluable. Get the look of the hotel Lobby Boy with this Zero Moustafa costume guide.

Cosplay Zero’s look with a Lobby Bell Boy Purple Costume Hat, Men’s Long Sleeve Chef Jacket, Dress Pants, Eyebrow Pencil (for the fake mustache), and a pair of Men’s Formal Loafers. Zero might seem like a simple guy with a simple outfit, but there’s so much more to him than meets the eye.

Zero Moustafa Cosplay Costumes

Zero from the Academy Award winning movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel, is a fun character to cosplay for Halloween. Though most people wouldn’t think to dress up as Zero Moustafa, he is a character with a completely unique outfit appearing as the Lobby Boy! We have found all of the essential pieces for this costume to help you recreate this look in just a few simple steps. Let’s get started recreating the look of our favorite character that eventually becomes the owner starring in Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel!

First, you will want to find a long sleeve chef jacket like the one Zero wears. Wear the signature purple hat that says “Lobby Boy” which is what Zero was known for wearing in the movie. Wear a pair of dress pants and formal loafers as Zero wore nicer clothes because he takes his job very seriously. The last and most important part of the costume is the eyebrow pencil. Draw a very thin mustache on your upper lip to recreate the same mustache that drew on his lip since he wasn’t able to grow a mustache of his own. Submit a picture of your Lobby Boy costume to show others how to recreate Zero’s look!

Zero Moustafa Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the charming and elegant world of “The Grand Budapest Hotel” by portraying Zero Moustafa, the dedicated lobby boy and key character from the film. This costume guide FAQ will assist you in capturing Zero’s distinctive appearance and his journey from a humble lobby boy to a loyal friend and key figure in the story’s adventurous plot.

Zero Moustafa's iconic lobby boy uniform is central to his character. It includes a purple jacket with gold trim and buttons, a matching purple cap with a "Lobby Boy" insignia, and crisp, white dress pants. Underneath, he wears a white dress shirt with a bow tie. The outfit is tailored and formal, reflecting the prestigious nature of the Grand Budapest Hotel.

Zero Moustafa is characterized by his neatly combed hair and a thin, pencil mustache. To replicate this look, style your hair in a slick, side-parted manner. For the mustache, you can either grow and trim your own to match his style or use a fake mustache. Zero's overall appearance is neat and well-groomed, reflecting his dedication to his job as a lobby boy.

The most essential accessory for a Zero Moustafa costume is his purple cap with the "Lobby Boy" insignia. Additionally, carrying a small leather suitcase or a hotel bellhop's trolley can add authenticity to the costume, representing his role at the hotel.

Zero is known for his earnest and attentive demeanor. He often carries himself with a sense of purpose and respectfulness, reflecting his commitment to his job. Adopting a posture of attentiveness, perhaps holding a notepad or standing at the ready to assist, will enhance the portrayal of his character.

Including some of Zero's quotes can bring depth to your portrayal: "I began my illustrious career as a lobby boy at the Grand Budapest Hotel...," "We were brothers in arms.," "To be frank, I think his world had vanished long before he ever entered it.," "I think we're safe for now." and "She was dynamite in the sack, by the way." These quotes reflect Zero's journey, his deep respect for M. Gustave, and his experiences at the Grand Budapest Hotel.

About Zero Moustafa

Zero Moustafa is a young boy who takes care of the lobby as a bellhop in the 2014 film The Grand Budapest Hotel. But, as the film eventually reveals more about Zero’s personal character than first meets the eye. Though often dismissed as a boy rather than a man simply because he cannot grow a mustache, Zero eventually proves to his value to M. Gustave.

Zero, played by actor Tony Revolori, had one of the roughest upbringings a child could possibly endure, and yet this matured him rather quickly. Even though others think he has “zero” experience or beneficial qualities, as his nickname alludes to, he is a smart, brave, and determined. Zero steps up to help prove the innocence of his friend and mentor, Gustave. Don’t worry, Zero eventually grows a full mustache and a beard to go with it.

Zero Moustafa

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