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Zatara is a fictional character and superhero appearing DC comics with involvement in the Justice League. She is an actual stage magician capable of influencing elements around her. The most notable aspect of her life is that she shares her childhood with Batman having been born and raised in a house near the Arkham Asylum. She also has a romantic relationship with John Constantine, the DC Comics antihero. Dress up like the superhero magician with this Zatanna Zatara costume guide.

Cosplay the look of this incredibly beautiful and deadly superhero by wearing a Zatanna Costume and Top Hat. Next, wear the Strong Boned Corset, Pink Flower Lapel Pin, and a pair of Hatch Cotton Parade Gloves. Finally, equip yourself with a Plastic Black Cane for the next magic act on stage.

Zatanna Zatara Cosplay Costumes

Being one of the greatest magicians and superheroes in the DC Universe, Zatanna Zatara is the daughter of the famous magician Giovanni “John” Zatara and Sindella. One thing that is characteristic of Zatanna is that she often teams up with other DC Comics characters like the Justice League of America, The Sentinels of Magic, and The Seven Soldiers.

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Zatanna Zatara Costume Tips & FAQs

Enter the magical and mystifying world of Zatanna Zatara, the enchanting sorceress from DC Comics, with our detailed costume guide FAQ. Known for her powerful magic and classic stage magician appearance, this guide aims to help you accurately embody Zatanna’s unique blend of mystique and flair.

Zatanna's iconic costume is inspired by a traditional stage magician's attire. It includes a black tailcoat, a white dress shirt, a black bowtie, and high-waisted black shorts or a skirt. She also wears fishnet stockings and black high-heeled shoes or ankle boots. Her outfit is often completed with a top hat and sometimes a cape. Her long, dark hair and confident posture are essential to her character.

Zatanna typically has long, dark hair, often styled straight or with slight waves. To achieve her look, you might use your natural hair dyed black or a long, black wig. For makeup, focus on bold, dramatic eyes with eyeliner and mascara, and consider a classic red lip to match her showy stage persona.

Key accessories for a Zatanna costume include a black top hat, which is iconic to her character. You might also consider a magic wand, as she is often portrayed performing classic stage magic tricks. White gloves can be an elegant addition to the costume, enhancing the stage magician aesthetic.

Zatanna is known for her commanding presence and confidence, often seen with a confident stance and a captivating smile. She frequently uses hand gestures to simulate casting spells, especially when reciting her backward magic spells. Adopting a theatrical and confident demeanor will help in portraying her character accurately.

To bring your Zatanna costume to life, consider using some of her memorable quotes or spell incantations, such as: "For those who believe, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not believe, no explanation will suffice.," "Backwards magic is my specialty.," "Taht dluow eb llet.," "I'm Zatanna. I'm a magician. A real one." and "In the world of magic, things are rarely what they seem." These quotes and spell incantations capture the essence of Zatanna's magical abilities and her charismatic stage presence.

About Zatanna Zatara

Zatanna Zatara’s magical powers are what she was born with thanks to her powerfully magical parents. Her father was Giovanni “John” Zatara, a famous magician with the ability to do real magic and her mother was Sindella, a member of the mystical Homo Magi race. At first, she used to focus on stage shows just like her father. Sometime later, she met notable DC Universe heroes like The Flash, Atom, and Hawkman. After assisting superheroes with her powers, she was recruited by the Justice League and upon becoming a member, changed her title from “Zatanna the Magician” to “Zatanna the Sorceress.”

Zatana has many magical powers. For instance, she can manipulate physical objects such as wind, fire, water, air, and shadows. In addition, she can also alter a person’s mind to make other’s forget or remember whatever she wants. She also has the ability of teleportation to make herself or others go wherever she wants. But despite all her magical powers, she can be rendered completely useless by taking away her ability to speak. This is how she focuses her powers.

Zatanna Zatara

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