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Zapp Brannigan Costume Guide
Blonde Cosplay Wigs
Men's Zip up Mock Neck
Canvas Web Belt
Pencil Mini Skirt
Pilot Gloves
Knee-High Boot
Men's Big Belly

Best Zapp Brannigan Costume Guide

Zapp Brannigan, voiced by Billy West, is a 25-Star General in the Democratic Order of Planets on the FOX animated sitcom, Futurama. He is also the captain of its flagship fleet, The Nimbus. Loosely based on James T. Kirk, the captain of the USS Enterprise and the lead character of the  Star Trek franchise, Brannigan appears in the fourth episode of the series, “Love’s Labors Lost in Space.” He is a military hero who commands the respect of both his superiors and the general public. However, his crew has a strong dislike for him, especially Kif Kroker, his second-in-command. Get the look of the animated General with this Zapp Brannigan costume guide.

Cosplay the strategic-thinking Captain of the Nimbus with a Blonde Cosplay Wig, Men’s Zip-Up Mock Neck, Pencil Mini Skirt, Men’s Big Belly, Canvas Web Belt, Knee-High Boots, and the Pilot Gloves.

Zapp Brannigan Cosplay Costumes

Thinking of donning the well-worn costumes of the typical heroes and villains from the Star Trek series again? Surely you don’t want to be just another string of wannabes joining the multitudes of Trekkies. You can still have some intergalactic fun by going with the far more hilarious Futurama route. Cosplay Zapp Brannigan with a similar costume to the Star Trek uniform. After all, Futurama was created as a spoof to Star Trek by its creator, Matt Groening.

Although known to be a brave military strategist, Zapp Brannigan is also known to be a vain sexist who can be quite stupid at times. Have Leela, Zapp Brannigan’s love interest, join you for a hilarious couples costume. Step into the shoes of this captain of the Nimbus from Futurama.

About Zapp Brannigan

Futurama is the popular animated science fiction sitcom created to take an occasional satirical dig at politics and current events. It boldly lampoons conventional science fiction. Voiced by Billy West, Zapp Brannigan was to be voiced by Phil Hartman before his passing. Brannigan is a 25-star General and one of the most senior members of the Democratic Order of Planets. He is highly respected and credited for numerous triumphant victories against his foes.

Brannigan captains The Nimbus, the flagship fleet of the Democratic Order of Planets. The Nimbus is a gargantuan vessel with the capability to blockade and assail an entire planet by itself. The ship has the capacity to transport multitudes of armed trooper unaided by support vessels.

Zapp Brannigan

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