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Men's Wig
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Gold Watch
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Golden Desert Eagle
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Best Youngblood Priest Costume Guide

Youngblood Priest is a cocaine dealer who has earned his right to live in luxury. He is the main character appearing in the 1972 film Superfly, which was later remade in 2018 with the same title. His name, Priest, comes from the cross he wears as an accessory which doubles as a cocaine spoon. Priest is a big dreamer and a heavy risk-taker. He can sometimes get a little carried away by his fantasies and not realize how big of a risk he’s putting in to achieve his goal. Just like his plan of buying thirty kilograms of high-quality cocaine to sell for $1,000,000 in just four months. Seemingly unafraid, Priest knows what he wants and will stop at nothing to get it. Get the look of the gutsy drug dealer with this Youngblood Priest costume guide.

Cosplay Priest’s super fly look with a Men’s Wig, Black Hairspray, Turtleneck, Black Pants, Trench Coat, Dress Boots, Gold Necklace, Gold Watch, and a Golden Desert Eagle.

Youngblood Priest Cosplay Costumes

Priest is bold, cunning, and downright ballsy. He does what he does to eventually escape the drug game and be set-up for life with his partner Georgia, even if it means one final plan that might be too big for him and his guys to pursue. Priest is bold in his actions because he knows he has great control of situations, able to manipulate them to his favor and get away whenever he needs to. Whether you’re trying to cosplay the original Priest from 1972 or the most modern character, you can easily dress like him with a turtleneck, black pants, a trench coat, and dress boots. Make sure to match Priest’s style more accurately with a gold necklace, a gold watch, a men’s wig, and some black hairspray. Don’t forget your Gold Desert Eagle sidearm just in case a deal goes awry.

Make sure you have your entire crew with you! Team up with your friends to cosplay your love interest Georgia, business partner Scatter, and even the one who betrays you, Eddie. Get your entire crew together dressed up for Halloween.

Youngblood Priest Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the stylish and suave world of Youngblood Priest, the iconic character from the blaxploitation classic “Superfly.” Known for his cool demeanor and impeccable fashion sense, Priest has become a symbol of 1970s style and swagger. This costume guide FAQ is dedicated to helping fans recreate Youngblood Priest’s signature look, perfect for themed parties, film events, or any occasion that calls for a touch of vintage cool. Dive into the essential elements and styling tips to embody the essence of one of cinema’s smoothest characters.

Youngblood Priest's outfit is a testament to 1970s fashion, featuring tailored suits with wide lapels, high-waisted flared trousers, and platform shoes. His look is often completed with a wide-brimmed hat, typically in a matching or complementary color to his suit. Priest's wardrobe showcases a variety of luxurious fabrics, such as silk and velvet, and he is often seen wearing bold prints or colors. Accessories like sunglasses, a gold watch, and distinctive jewelry, such as a large ring or a necklace, add to his flashy yet sophisticated style.

Youngblood Priest sports a classic 1970s hairstyle, which is neatly styled yet voluminous. To replicate his look, consider a wig that captures the era's essence, particularly if your hair does not naturally accommodate the style. Look for wigs with a slight wave or curl to achieve Priest's smooth and styled appearance. If using your own hair, employ products that add volume and shine, ensuring a sleek finish.

For an authentic Youngblood Priest costume, focus on the luxury and flair of 1970s fashion. Choose suits in rich, eye-catching colors like burgundy, emerald green, or deep blue, and ensure they have the era-specific details such as flared pants and wide lapels. Silk shirts with bold patterns worn under the suit can capture Priest's extravagant style. Pay close attention to the accessories, as they play a crucial role in completing the look. A wide-brimmed hat and vintage sunglasses are must-haves, along with period-appropriate jewelry to add that extra touch of glam.

Essential accessories for a Youngblood Priest costume include a wide-brimmed hat, often in felt or a similarly luxurious material, and vintage-style sunglasses with a large frame. A gold watch, chunky rings, and a statement necklace will enhance the costume's authenticity. Don't forget platform shoes to complete the 1970s look and add to Priest's towering presence.

Youngblood Priest is known for his cool-headed philosophy and sharp wit. Here are a few quotes that can add depth to your portrayal: "I know it's a rotten game, but it's the only one The Man left us to play. That's the stone-cold truth.," "Success is nothing unless you have someone you love to share it with." and "I'm gonna get out of the life, all the way out." Incorporating these quotes can help capture Youngblood Priest's determination and smooth charisma, making your costume not just a visual representation, but a reflection of his character's essence.

About Youngblood Priest

In the 1972 original, Youngblood Priest, who is played by Ron O’Neal, can navigate through lies, betrayal, and an arrest. Through Priest’s cunning resourcefulness, he and his lover Georgia can escape. When the movie was released, many African-Americans were not pleased with how they were portrayed. However, many African-Americans from the post-Civil Rights movement also argued that the film and Priest’s character served as a critique of the government. It showed the lack of access to better economic opportunities for people the film represented.

Youngblood Priest was an anti-hero of sorts that revealed these critiques well. Motivated by good intentions to make his life and the lives of those he loved better, he was forced to a life of crime and drug-dealing due to the lack of better opportunities. Some critics and audiences argue that the end of the movie showing Priest’s redemptive acts of revealing corrupt policemen and quitting the drug trade in some way justifies his crime-riddled means.

Youngblood Priest

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