How to Dress Like Young Pearl

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Lavender Purple Wig 12''
Matte Opal Rainbow Foil Glass Cabochon
Snazaroo Sparkle Face Paint, 18ml, Sparkle White
Shu-Shi Womens Sheer Poncho Shrug
Bright Stretch Fit Comfort Ankle Leg Warmers
Ballet Flat Shoes
Ladies Mint Seamless Ribbed Tube Top
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Best Young Pearl Costume Guide

Member of the Crystal Gems and one of the last surviving gems in the rebellion, young Pearl from Steven Universe is the future teacher of Rose’s son Steven. Her look is fun and not too complicated. If you follow this guide, you’ll be a rousing success at your next convention. Begin with a Lavender Purple Wig and included a Matte Opal Rainbow Cabochon and Snazaroo Sparkle Face Paint to put together her unique look.

For Pearl’s clothing, dress up in a Women’s Sheer Poncho Shrug over a Ladies Mint Ribbed Tube Top. Beneath we went with a pair of Women’s Combed Cotton Bike Shorts. We capped off her look with Bright Stretch Fit Leg Warmers and some Ballet Flat Shoes.

Young Pearl Cosplay Costumes

Calling all little gems! Though she grows into her powers fairly quickly, young Pearl has a unique sense of style that anyone would enjoy cosplaying. If you have light colored hair, spray on hair color is an affordable and temporary option. If not, a wig can be purchased online or at a costume shop. White face paint can be used to draw the oval on her forehead. You can also pick up a stick on gem in the craft department for a quick fix.

A mint colored tank and fitted yellow shorts will nearly complete her look. You can choose to draw or sew on a yellow star to her shirt and cap off your costume with pink ankle socks and mint ballet flats. Group cosplay options are endless beginning with her fellow Crystal Gems and ending with lesser known characters like Onion or Peedee. Be sure to check out the featured pics for even more cosplay ideas. We welcome your pics as well, show us what you come up with!

Young Pearl Costume Tips & FAQs

Enter the vibrant and imaginative world of “Steven Universe” with our Young Pearl costume guide FAQ. Pearl, known for her elegance and precision, is a beloved character with a rich history within the series. This FAQ will guide you through creating a costume for Young Pearl, perfect for fans looking to capture her youthful and graceful appearance from the earlier days depicted in the series.

Young Pearl's outfit is characterized by its simplicity and grace, reflecting her status as a Gem. Her costume includes a light blue, ballet-inspired leotard with a translucent pale blue sash around the waist. She wears light blue tights or leggings and a pair of ballet flats. The outfit is accented with a pink star-shaped accessory on her chest, which is an important detail for authenticity.

Young Pearl's hairstyle is sleek and well-defined. Her hair is short, with a pointed, upward style at the back, and it's a pale, almost pearl-like color. To replicate this look, you might use a light-colored wig styled into a short, upward point. Ensure the wig captures the smoothness and geometric style characteristic of Pearl's hair.

For Young Pearl's makeup, focus on achieving a light and ethereal look. Use a pale foundation to mimic her light skin tone, and add a soft pink blush for a subtle flush. Pearl's eyes are large and expressive, so use white eyeliner to enlarge the appearance of your eyes and a light blue eyeshadow to match her color scheme. A simple pink lip color will complete the look.

Young Pearl's look is relatively minimalistic, but attention to detail can enhance the costume. You can create her star-shaped chest accessory using fabric or paper painted pink. Attach it securely to the leotard in the appropriate position. Additionally, Pearl's gem, located on her forehead, is a crucial detail. This can be replicated with a gemstone sticker or a small, pearl-colored bead affixed to the forehead.

While Young Pearl's character is more about her actions and demeanor than her words, you can use phrases that reflect her personality and role in the series. Some ideas include: "I will fight for the place where I'm free!," "We must be strong, and we must be brave.," "We are the Crystal Gems!," "I'm always ready for a fight." and "I do it for her, that is to say, I'll do it for him." These lines capture Young Pearl's determination, loyalty, and the grace she brings to the Crystal Gems, making your portrayal more authentic and true to her character.

About Young Pearl

Though entrusted with colossal powers Pearl has some very human shortcomings. Suffering from low self-esteem, she is reliant on others to validate her. Without purpose or anyone to look after, Pearl becomes lost and questions her value. A natural born follower, she performs better with a leader to direct her way. Despite these weaknesses, Pearl is a perfectionist and is prone to bragging. Easily thrown off balance, Pearl is the least adjusted to life on Earth.

As if to prove her worth, she works to become a formidable swordswoman and fighter. She is deeply devoted to Steven’s mother, Rose Quartz, almost obsessively and develops a motherly love for him. She is mistrustful of humans but remains diligent in her duty to protect humanity but it is assumed that it is more out of dedication to Rose Quartz than love for the human race. Her obsessive tidiness stems from being taught that Pearls were servants and created to be attractive for their masters.

Young Pearl

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