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Young Joseph Joestar Costume Guide
Military Green Tank Top
Straight Leg Jeans
Fingerless Gloves
Gold Bracelet
Green and Yellow Scarf
Brown Belt
High Top Boots

Best Young Joseph Joestar Costume Guide

Joseph Joestar is the main protagonist that appeared in the second installment of the manga series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure entitled Battle Tendency. An older version of Joseph Joestar also appears as an important character in the third and fourth installments entitled Stardust Crusaders and Diamond is Unbreakable. Young Joseph Joestar is the grandson of another famous character in the same manga series, Jonathan Joestar. Known for his cheerful personality and a love for pranks and tricks, Joseph Joestar is also a natural fighter. Throughout his life, he was able to defeat many supernatural enemies such as vampires and Pillar Men. Get the look of the easy-going fighter with this Young Joseph Joestar costume guide.

To cosplay young Joseph Joestar, you’ll need a military green tank top, jeans, a green and yellow scarf, high top boots, brown belt, fingerless gloves, and a gold bracelet to complete the look.

Young Joseph Joestar Cosplay Costumes

Though a trickster at heart, Young Joseph Joestar is still a highly-skilled and impressive fighter. Like those who came before him in the Joestar family, he is strong-willed, talented, and oftentimes hot-headed. To look like a real fighter and cosplay as Young Joseph Joestar, follow his straightforward and practical style. Wear a military green tank top and pair it with jeans, a leather belt, and high-top boots. To make Young Joseph Joestar’s look more recognizable, put on a green and yellow scarf, some fingerless gloves, and a gold bracelet.

Don’t fight your enemies alone! Make your Halloween party a family reunion and have your friends dress up as the other members of the Joestar family. Let your friends cosplay as Jonathan Joestar, Jotaro Koju, and Josuke.

About Young Joseph Joestar

One of the most well-known characters, Joseph Joestar is the second most recurring character in the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures manga series. He is a naturally-born Ripple-user, which is a person who can harness an energy identical to the sun’s rays used in an ancient form of martial art called Sendo. Only one in ten thousand has the ability to be a Ripple user in practice and Joseph Joestar was one of them. It is believed that this ability of his, which requires great willpower and discipline, comes from overcoming great tragedies and still having the courage to go on with life.

He eventually becomes a Stand user, a person in a manga series who can conjure a physical entity that wields a supernatural power. It is said that Stands are manifestations of its user’s fighting spirit. In the case of Joseph Joestar, his Stand is called Hermit Purple. Physically, it manifests as multiple purple thorn-covered vines that go out of Joseph’s hands.

Young Joseph Joestar

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